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September 2021 | Number #148
Dear Wood Fired Family,

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”
-F. Scott Fitzgerald

Ahh, the crunchy leaves and savory flavors of fall are upon us again. We love this time of year because it makes cooking in front of the fire cozy and comfortable (and delicious!) So grab a sweater and a roasting pan, learn a new skill, try a new recipe, or scroll through some beautiful photos of wood fired oven projects from our recent photo contest. We are also introducing a few new regular features to the newsletter for the fall: “Starter Skills” (a Pizza 101 series) and the “Community Question” to gather your stories and advice to share with our more novice bakers. We hope you enjoy the latest edition; we sure enjoy bringing it to you each month!

The Forno Bravo Team 

In This Issue

2021 Photo Contest Honorable Mentions

We loved the diversity of this year’s photo contest entries, so we’ve decided to highlight some of the honorable mentions and their stories. With so many great choices, we know you'll be as impressed and pleased as we are. From Heather Leiggi’s fancy red tile styling to Michael Peruffo’s smooth DIY vibe; Patrick Mokeris' Napolino with its modern flair and the back to the middles ages stone structure of Michael Shipe's Giardino – check out all of these and more to enjoy the beauty of these builds and get inspired by pizza ovens from around the country. Congratulations to our winners and thank you again to all of our participants for sharing your oven and a slice of your life with us! 

2021 Summer Photo Contest Honorable Mentions

Heather Leiggi
Michael Peruffo
Patrick Mokris
Michael Shipe
Joseph Dziubinski

Mark Galantowicz
Joan Williams
Travis Stickle
Mike Brenden
Patrick Walyon
Preview: Our October Newsletter will spotlight some of the fantastic food photos that were submitted from the contest. Get ready to drool!

New Series: Pizza Oven 101

We are so excited to welcome so many new owners to our community of wood fired home chefs this year. As a bonus, we are going to start a series of how-to videos, features, blogs, and easy recipes in the newsletter for those who are looking for help getting started and getting comfortable working with their pizza ovens. These pieces are also great for experienced owners who would like a refresher on the basics, or would like to learn new ideas to upgrade their method from “the way I’ve always done it.”

Pizza Oven 101: How to Light a Fire in Your Pizza Oven with Chef Anthony

In this video, Chef Anthony Iannone takes us through his method for starting a fire in a wood fired oven (commercial or residential.) Using a combination of materials like fire starters, dried, cut wood, specialty pressed beech wood, (and a fun, but ferocious propane torch,) he gets the fire burning merrily away quickly and easily. Check out his tips and tricks to make lighting your oven easier too.


Community Cookbook: 

The “Fun Guy” Vegetarian Pizza

With fall being the prime growing season for several kinds of mushrooms, we are suggesting a delicious vegetarian combination of fungi to make up a “Fun Guy” pizza. This combination comes courtesy of Chef Vito Romani in San Diego and is a fan favorite on his food truck. We are sure it will be a favorite at your parties as well!

Wood Fired, Slow Roasted Tomatoes

Did your tomato plants go a little crazy this year? Do you have some extra harvest bounty? Try this wonderful slow-roasted dish to accompany pizza, pasta, bread, or just about anything with an added touch of deep, smokey goodness! Chef Eric Wilson from FoodTerra demos this recipe on his wood fired Bella pizza oven to show you just how easy making this delectable garnish or side dish can be.


Customer Spotlight

Uncle KoKo’s Wood Fired Pizzeria in Pennsylvania boasts a Napoli120 in their restaurant. Family tradition is very important and so their oven proudly displays the name of the owner’s grandfather, “Pasquale.” He shared with us, “Raised by my grandmother and grandfather, who were from Palermo, Italy, I was always around Italian food. I would watch them cook and make sauces growing up, which gave me a huge inspiration. Our goal at Uncle KoKo’s is to serve the highest quality real Italian pizza around at a more than affordable price. We treat our customers like family and take care of everyone so they can walk out saying, ‘That’s the best pizza we have ever had!’”

Learn more about the NAPOLI or its residential cousin, the VESUVIO, for a custom tiled oven that reflects your personal story.

Pizza Talk is Back with Season 2

Peter Reinhart, awarding-winning cookbook writer and pizza aficionado is back with a new series of video interviews with some of the finest movers and shakers in the pizza world. This month we spotlight his conversation with Ken Forkish of Ken’s Artisan Pizza in Portland, OR. Master artisan bread baker turned master artisan pizza maker, Ken loves sharing his restaurant, craft, and work ethic with Peter and the community in this lively tour and exchange. 



Community Question:
What Are Your Best Building Tips?

Wood fired ovens have been a place for sharing food and experiences throughout the centuries. In honor of that tradition, we are calling on the wisdom of the tribe to help us build up the knowledge base of the whole community! To start, we are launching a new section in the newsletter called the “Community Question.” It will be an easy way for our veteran pizza oven owners to share tips and tricks, as well as victories and lessons learned with our newer owners, and those still considering making the leap into the wood fired lifestyle. 

Here’s how it will work: We’ll pose a question, collect your answers, stories, and photos in a simple form, and then assemble a selection of the answers into a searchable blog format to report back to everyone in the next month’s edition. 

September’s Question: What are the best tips you learned when building or installing your oven?



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