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July 2023 | Number #170

Dear Wood Fired Family,

What are your favorite flavors of summer? At Forno Bravo, they include intriguing pizza toppings, tangy sourdough bread, sizzling steaks, baked or grilled crisp-tender garden vegetables, rustic cobblers, and fruit desserts -- all items you can create with a wood fired oven.  And as a bonus, you don’t even have to heat up your kitchen to enjoy them! So, check out the articles and recipes below, and discover a new flavor for your family to explore.

Happy reading (and tasting!) 

The Forno Bravo Team

In this Issue:

2023 Social Media Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to the 3 winners of our 2023 Social Media Photo Contest, who will share over $500 in cash and prizes!

1st – Todd Dunsirn (Casa2G90)
2nd – Jen Rabin (Napolino70)
3rd – Paul Schambs (Pompeii DIY)

Thank you also to everyone who posted and shared photos of your ovens as part of the contest. We had many wonderful entries and the winners were chosen by random drawing from the eligible entries. We appreciate all of the ways that you have helped to build up our pizza-loving community.

CLICK HERE to see the winning entries!

Newly Recovered Fresco from Ancient Pompeii Shows an Early Form of Pizza

Back in 1888 and 1891, a team of excavators began to clear ash and debris from a building in the ruins of ancient Pompeii, the Italian town buried, and then preserved, by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 CE. 

In January, 2023, another team went back to that same spot and continued the original team’s work. In the large atrium next to a building housing a brick oven, they uncovered a beautiful fresco clearly showing what looks to be a precursor to pizza. Just imagine! This topped flatbread was enjoyed over 1700 years before pizza was officially invented in Naples (just 17 miles away!)


Community Cookbook: 

Spiced Braised Lamb Shanks with Whipped Feta, Fresh Pita Bread, and Mediterranean Salad

Chef Aaron Brooks really outdid himself with this recipe set! Try making one element of the meal, or all four. Served on a plate or stuffed in the pita bread like a sandwich, these Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavors blend together seamlessly for a great summer feast.


Neapolitan-Style Dough and Margherita Pizza

Chef Aaron Brooks of Australia has crafted a Neapolitan-style pizza dough for his version of the Margherita Pizza that is easy to make and sure to impress. This dough features the same 4 basic ingredients as a VPN dough, 62% hydration, a 24-hour room temperature fermentation, and is marvelous for baking at 750-780°F in a home, wood or gas fired pizza oven. Top it with the classic Margherita pizza combination, and your dinner is complete!


Wood Fired Shrimp with Basil Butter

Light and tasty. This wood fired shrimp with garlic, lemon, and a homemade basil compound butter from Foodness Gracious is a quick, versatile protein that can accent any appetizer or main course. So pull out your cast iron skillet, fire up the oven, and get cooking. This dish will be ready to serve to your guests in minutes!


Pizza Quest:

The Art and Science of Great BBQ and Grilling with Meathead Goldwyn 

With their handy coals and super charged domes, wood fired ovens are fantastic for grilling meats. You can use either a cast iron pan or a steel Tuscan Grill to achieve delicious results. In this episode of Pizza Quest, Meathead Goldwyn, book author, and host of the popular website,, has a lively conversation with Peter Reinhart as they discuss the art and science of great BBQ and grilling.


Tuscan Grill

Expand your wood fired repertoire to include grilling steaks and veggies with the heavy duty, steel Tuscan Grill from Forno Bravo. Place over a bed of coals in the oven for great heat transfer and fast searing. Made in the USA.


Product Spotlight

Mobile Pizza Ovens

Food trucks and trailers are a rapidly expanding segment of the pizza making marketplace. With thousands of units on the road, Forno Bravo has had mobile ovens in the mix long before making mobile pizza was cool!

Some of the features include sturdy trays and strapping to resist road vibration, weight saving features, removable venting, and professional quality baking on an oven powerful enough to use on a food truck, or bring inside a brick and mortar restaurant if the business grows in that direction.

Our mobile line primarily includes the Viaggio drop-in unit, the ProTE (Professionale Trailer Edition) oven kit, and the heavy duty Concerto and light weight Serata oven/trailer combinations from our sister company, Fireside Trailer. We work with several food truck manufactures for enclosed operations and porch-style installations, and DIY proprietors all over the country and Canada to help get your pizza on the road.


Customer Spotlights Featuring Mobile Ovens:

Jeremy D – Fire on Wheels Artisan Pizza
With a stucco-finished Viaggio pizza oven in tow, Fire on Wheels focuses on brining pizza to the people through their wood fired catering business. They have an extensive menu that includes many local favorites in Carmel Valley, CA.


Peter S  Piesans Pizza Co. 

Piesans has taken Long Island, NY by storm with their burgeoning fleet of Concerto Wood Fired Pizza Oven trailers from Fireside Trailer. They can both handle large events and intimate gatherings with ease, and always bring amazing food and great fun with them when they come!


Colorado Pizza Company's ProTE100

12,500 pizzas in the first 2 years of business -- WOW! Colorado Pizza Company from Parker, CO love their ProTE mobile wood fired oven. Check out their operation and equipment for inspiration to launch your own business. 




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