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October 2021 | Number #149
Dear Wood Fired Family,
We love fall! With its golden trees, crisp air, kids running around in costumes, folks enjoying the last nice days for outdoor pizza parties before winter, it really is a magical time of the year. In this issue of the Wood Fired Newsletter, we are focusing on food. We’ll be featuring images of delicious pizzas and creative dishes from our recent photo contest to inspire you, an engaging pizza making demo from Chef Anthony to refresh your basic skills (and learn new ones), fun autumn recipes, oven building tips from last month’s Community Question, and much more. So, scroll on down and enjoy a fall cooking extravaganza!

The Forno Bravo Team 

In This Issue

More 2021 Photo Contest Honorable Mentions - Fantastic Food Photos

Pizza, pizza, and more pizza! There were so many great shots of our favorite food to choose from in this year’s contest that we decided to make a special honorable mention category for just food photos. It covered pizza (of course,) but there were beautiful shots of other types of foods too, like lamb chops, chicken, and even an octopus dish! Enjoy these photos. They will make you yearn to go eat some great wood fired food right now!!!  


Special thanks to more of our Honorable Mentions:
Thomas Gaertner
Michael Carrara
David Skabar
Daniel Baker
Alesio Cicchelli
Patrick Walyon
David Huff
Nick and Laurie Barbin
Gerard Pozzi
Tim Ritter
Marco Coppola


Pizza Oven 101: Pizza Prep, Dough Stretching, and Baking Tips with Chef Anthony

Follow along with Chef Anthony as he makes a delicious pie in the Pizza Classica style. This example of a sauceless pizza is topped with a winning combination of prosciutto, oven-roasted plum tomatoes, mozzarella, gorgonzola, and Mike’s Hot Honey. Learn how to tend your fire, stretch your dough, prepare the ingredients, and more in this helpful introduction to pizza making.


Domenick Lobifaro’s Better Build with a Premio Oven Kit

Sometimes, a starter oven turns out to be not good enough. This was the case for Domenick L. when he bought a substandard oven from a Forno Bravo competitor. After owning that wood fired oven for 8 years and fussing with lots of problems, he was ready to take his wood fired game to the next level. He chose a Premio2G oven kit from Forno Bravo for his new build and he couldn’t be happier! He loved telling us about his pizza oven journey. So, meet Domenick in this short video interview, and learn the rest of the story.


Community Cookbook: 

Dutch Oven Spatchcock Chicken 

Spatchcock chicken is a fancy way of referring to a chicken that has been split in half and laid open for roasting. Chef Anthony Iannone of the North American Pizza and Culinary Academy demonstrates this technique for us, pairing his chicken with squash, zucchini, potatoes, thyme and other fall flavors for an easy one-pot, no muss, no fuss meal for your dinner enjoyment.


 Spaghetti Squash Parmesan

Autumn squash can be some of the final holdouts in your garden or local farmer’s market. In this recipe, Chef Todd shares a great way to use your wood fired oven to create a show-stopping side dish (or main course) with this versatile vegetable. Smoky, cheesy, light, and yummy, try this healthier alternative to pasta and is a fun vegetarian redo of a classic Italian dish.


Product Spotlight

Bella Wood Fired Ovens - Made in the USA

Christmas time is right around the corner and what better gift to give your loved ones (or yourself) than a Bella steel wood fired pizza oven for your home?! This model is ready straight out of the crate – no curing required. Its ultra-premium insulation, dome to floor spacing, and hand-cut, high-end ceramic floor mean you will have the perfect pizza baking temperatures in under a half hour. Share the gift of time, experiences, memories, and meals together with your family and friends this year in a special way.

The Bella  ovens are available now! (They are made in Colorado, not sitting in a container ship somewhere.) Support quality USA craftsmanship and enjoy a wood fired oven that will serve your family for many years to come. Now available in 4 sizes, cart or countertop models, and with your choice of a red or black powder coated wraps.


Taking a Deep Dive into Olive Oil with Pizza Talk 

Choosing the right ingredient is crucial to good cooking and olive oil is a staple in Italian cuisine (and many others as well.) In this episode of Pizza Talk, Peter Reinhart interviews David Garci-Aguirre and Lisa Pollack of Corto Olive Oil, one of the world’s leading producers of this golden liquid. To quote Pete, listen in and you will “learn things about olive oil that you absolutely never knew before and that, frankly, will totally alter your perception of it.” Sounds interesting to us!



September Summary: What Are Your Best Building Tips?

Last month, we launched a new feature in the Newsletter called the “Community Question.” This is a place where experienced oven owners and chefs (home or commercial) can share their wisdom with the larger community. Our goal is to help everyone improve and be inspired in their wood fired journey! The first question we asked was, “What are the best tips you learned when building or installing your oven?” Thank you to all who contributed! Click below to see the answers. 


October’s Question: Favorite Wood Fired Foods

With our focus on food this issue, we decided to stick with the same theme, but this time to hear from you! So, October’s Community Question is:
What are your favorite wood fired foods and pizza topping combinations?

Let us know by heading over to the mini form below and share the delicious secrets from your hearth! (Don’t have an oven yet? You can still participate and share a favorite food or pizza combo that you have had from someone else’s oven or event.)

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