June 2022 | Number #157
Dear Wood Fired Family,
Happy June! We are so excited to kick off the high season with you.  This month you can participate in our newly launched 2022 photo contest, watch a brand new video on “How to Build an Oven Kit”, and enjoy delicious seasonal, peachy recipes, and other fun party ideas. Time to get out and enjoy the colors, scents, and sounds of summer (and wood fired pizza) with your friends and family during this beautiful time of year.

Happy baking,

The Forno Bravo Team

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2022 Summer Photo Contest Launched - Win a Tuscan Grill

If a picture says a thousand words, then the images submitted for this contest will all shout “community” or “fun” or “deliciousness!” Time to share up to 6 photos of your wood fired wonders in the Forno Bravo 2022 Photo Contest. The contest will run from June 28th until August 7th and winners will be announced in the August newsletter. Our grand prize will be a 14” steel Tuscan grill. It’s perfect for grilling vegetables and steaks, is made in the USA, and is a $115 value! There will be additional prizes for the runners-up and honorable mentions. 

We love variety, so your photos can be of a fully assembled pizza oven, your kit or Pompeii building process, a pizza party or family gathering, your best bread, pizza, or other specialty dishes, your restaurant, or any pizza-related image that speaks to the theme. We can’t wait to see what you capture through your phone or camera lens.



Idea Center:  Build Your Own - How to Assemble a Modular Oven Kit

Modular oven kits give owners the maximum flexibility to customize their creation any way they would like. But sometimes, it is hard to know just where to start. In this video, we’ve gone through the oven build process step by step, so you can see how our talented craftsmen in California assemble a stucco-finished, Casa2G pizza oven. With a Forno Bravo kit, you do not need to be a master mason to create a masterpiece! Watch the video, make your plans, and then give us a call to order your kit today. You can get your oven up and running quickly to enjoy a wood fired feast in your own backyard this summer!


Community Cookbook: 

Menu Idea: Summertime Mac and Cheese Party

Tired of doing pizza parties for your friends? Looking to mix it up a bit for the summer? Try a Wood Fired Mac and Cheese Party for a new fan favorite! With this style of party, the hosts pre-make the “base” mac and cheese, and then have their guests bring toppings and special cheeses for an interesting twist. You can use 6″ cast iron skillets for guests to create their individual M&C combos, and then oven bake them at 650°F to form a crust on the top, sides, and bottom for a spectacular taste. It’s fun entertainment for all ages. You can even make it a contest for best creativity, best combination, or weirdest-most delicious ingredient.

Here are two recipes to get you started, or adapt your favorite from the Joy of Cooking, or any other source. You can even use brown rice pasta noodles and go gluten free!

Dennis Landaal’s Vesuvio110 and Backyard Transformation

The idea for a Wood Fired Mac and Cheese Party originally came to us from Dennis Landaal. He transformed his backyard and installed a Vesusvio110 pizza oven. While they do make a lot of pizza, Mac and Cheese Parties have become a fan favorite for all of their friends as well. Their long, double-sided counters make setting out potluck ingredients and assembly super simple.

Check out the video to see their dream for an entertaining space come to life!



The next two recipes utilize a technique called retained heat cooking. This method comes into play after the main fire has gone out and the temperatures in the oven are coming down a bit to prevent burning. Retained heat cooking is one of the things that makes a Forno Bravo oven great for more than just making pizza. It expands the range of dishes you can do exponentially and is perfect for creating appetizers and desserts.

Wood-Fired Peach Caprese Salad

Chef John O’Neil from Dallas, TX really maximizes his Bella wood fired oven to create a wide variety of summer treats. His twist on a classic Caprese salad was so good that it took top honors in our recipe contest a few years back. Grilling the peaches carmelizes the sugars and adds some smokiness. Sweety Drop Peruvian sweet peppers add a bit of heat. Creamy fresh mozzarella pearls and basil bring richness and depth. Then, swirl on some aged balsamic vinegar and quality olive oil and BAM! Your mouth won’t know what hit it, but it won’t want to wait a second for another bite.


Baked Peach and Raspberry Crisp

This summertime dessert comes to us from John Livera. “Crisps” are a delicious and easy alternative to cobblers as a way to utilize the best fruits of the season. Simply dice and mix your fruit before dinner, add the oatmeal, cinnamon, and brown sugar topping, and set it aside for the flavors to blend. When your fire is dying down after the main meal, pop it in to bake, and in just a short while, you will have a sweet and crunchy delight to enjoy with a glass of wine and maybe a scoop of ice cream. It’s the perfect end to a beautiful summer feast.



A Conversation with Chef Marc Forgione of Next Iron Chef and Peasant

From apprenticing under several culinary legends, to winning Next Iron Chef, and then heading his own team at several highly-rated restaurants, you’ll hear all about Chef Marc Forgione’s journey of finding and discovering his unique culinary voice in this latest episode of Pizza Quest. Enjoy this conversation between two masters of their craft in this engaging conversation, and find inspiration for your own life’s journey.




Upcoming Pizza Making Classes at NAPCA

Now open for in-person, hands-on learning with new classes and new instructors, the North American Pizza and Culinary Academy is ready to help you take your pizza-making skills to the next level. Skilled educators, Chef Anthony Iannone and Chef Dan Czuba team up to host both casual and professional-level classes and certifications. If you are interested in attending any of these sessions in their state-of-the-art facility in Lisle, IL (just outside of Chicago), just reach out to the team below and they will get you registered.



Product Spotlight

Giardino Pizza Oven Kit

The Giardino kit is a compact, one-piece dome perfect for small families and intimate gatherings. Sized to make 1 to 2 pizzas at a time, it heats up to baking temperatures in just 20 minutes! The smaller footprint lets it be incorporated into regular countertop designs and compact outdoor kitchens. Big enough to bake a wide variety of dishes, but quick and easy to use, the Giardino is an “everyday oven” that can hold its own on weekends and at parties as well.


Casa2G Pizza Oven Kit

The Casa2G is our best-selling dome. Bigger and thicker than its Giardino cousin, this oven is designed for larger families and gatherings, or for cooking a whole meal at once (sides and main courses together.) The Casa dome comes in multiple pieces so that nothing is over 200 pounds and can be lifted into place by just a few people. Easy to customize, the Casa is often finished in stucco, tile, stone, steel, or any non-combustible material for a look that matches your style and space. You can even add the gas burner upgrade to this model for supreme convenience! 



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