September 2009
No. 7; The Primavera Issue, Take Two

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With the long, bright days of summer giving way to the cool, soft days of fall, we at Forno Bravo ask: What better way to warm your spirits – and fill your stomach – than with delectable food cooked in an authentic wood-fired oven? Bask in the oven's warm glow and get ready for the winter ahead by preparing all manner of treats, from Pizza Napoletana or freshly baked ciabatta to roasted veggies.

In this September issue of our Wood-Fired Newsletter, we're focusing once again on our popular Primavera Series ovens. (You may remember we introduced the series in our February 2009 newsletter.) I'm happy to report that our family of ready-to-cook wood-fired ovens continues to grow, with the addition of our new Primavera70 oven (see below). The Primavera ovens have received some glowing reviews (see article to the right). The Primaveras are an entirely new class of wood-fired ovens and have everything you need to begin experiencing the joys of wood-fired cooking... except the wood!

We're also introducing a new item to our collection of oven accessories: the Primavera60 waterproof cover. Please see more about this new product below, in the Special Offer section.

Finally, if you haven't checked out the Forno Bravo Forums in a while, I invite you to pay a visit. There's been a lot of activity from our wood-fired oven community, from sharing recipe ideas to discussing oven finishes to laying out a complete outdoor kitchen. Fun stuff.

Here at Forno Bravo, we hope you enjoyed your summer and wish you perfect autumn days for wood-fired cooking.


P.S. While you already know how fun wood-fired cooking can be, not everyone has experienced that great pleasure. We'll get there one person at a time, so please take a moment and forward this newsletter to a friend.

Introducing the Primavera70

Primavera70 ovenWe're happy to announce that our Primavera family is growing! We recently added the new 28" Primavera70 oven, giving you more cooking space in this easy-to-use, true Italian-style oven that – best of all – requires zero installation and is reasonably priced.

We think this is the perfect choice for homeowners who want a real Italian wood-fired pizza oven, but have limited space. Just like its smaller sibling, the 24" Primavera60 oven, the Primavera70 comes complete with a fully insulated refractory dome and cooking floor, vent and door. Just set your Primavera70 in place, light the fire and start baking authentic 90-second Pizza Napoletana!

Finished in a warm Mediterranean golden yellow color with a light-brown Old-World Tuscan glaze, the Primavera ovens easily maintain the high heat (700º F+) necessary for some serious pizza baking, while the outside of the oven stays cool to the touch. The Primavera70 includes an Italian-made, three-piece oven tool set, including a rectangular setting peel, a round turning peel and a copper brush.

Want to learn more? Read about our Primavera Series on the Forno Bravo website, and then check out the Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Primavera Oven.

Ready to order? Visit the Forno Bravo Store or call us at (800) 407-5119.

The Primavera70 Stand

Primavera70 oven standWe designed the Primavera70 oven so that it could easily be installed on an outdoor kitchen counter or grill island. For those who need or prefer a stand, however, we’ve got you covered there, too, with our Primavera70 metal hearth tray and stand frame.

Constructed of heavy-duty angle iron for strength and stability, the Primavera70 stand is a lightweight and easy-to-install alternative to concrete block stand construction, resulting in an elegant "built-in" look. The stand accommodates Hardibacker for a stucco, stone or brick enclosure finish.

We think it’s quite attractive. Visit the Forno Bravo Store to see for yourself and to order.

Special Offer! Primavera60 Cover

Primavera60 oven coverFor the next 30 days, order our much-lauded Primavera60 Oven and receive a complimentary oven cover. The cover is a new item we’re offering to further protect your valuable investment from whatever the outdoors may throw at it. Made of heavy-duty, waterproof canvas material, the cover snugly fits over the Primavera60. (Retail value = $75.)

To receive your free cover with oven purchase, just enter coupon code: newsletter1009fb at checkout. Offer expires on October 15, 2009.


In This Issue

Primavera Garners Glowing Reviews From Peter Reinhart, LA Daily News

Artigiano pizza oven

We at Forno Bravo are passionate about wood-fired cooking (that's no secret!) and are proud of our ovens and other products. Hearing positive reviews, fun stories, and tips and how-tos from those of you exploring the world of wood-fired cooking makes our work even more worthwhile.

Recently, our Primavera60 oven was the subject of a couple of glowing reviews: one from our favorite cookbook writer and bread/pizza guru Peter Reinhart, another from the LA Daily News.

Generating Oven Envy in North Carolina
"I'm in love with my Primavera oven. Why? Because it was easy to install (no frame building required — for me that was essential because I'm not good in that area), it's so easy to fire up, it heats quickly and holds the heat way longer than I thought it would (hours later it was still at 350 degrees), and — and this is more important than you might imagine) — it looks so cool! Not only do my friends experience immediate oven envy, but when they taste the food that comes out of it they jot down the website and start calculating where they plan to put theirs. The learning curve for cooking is very fast — I had my pizzas and focaccias figured out by the second pie and my oven roasted meats and vegetables were a quick study. The neighbors keep asking when we're firing up again, which makes us very popular in the neighborhood."
Peter Reinhart, Charlotte, NC

A Veritable Life-Changer in Los Angeles
"This, amici, is the ne plus ultra of backyard pizza ovens — the Primavera beehive from the fine artisans at Forno Bravo. If you are as fanatical about authentic Neapolitan pizza as I am, and want to be the envy of your friends and neighbors (assuming you don't have a rapsheet or otherwise checkered history), there is nothing cooler (nor hotter) than the Primavera60. It's a veritable life-changer. ... The beauty of the 60 is that it comes assembled and ready to roll. All you need to provide is the wood — preferably a fruit wood or oak, which can bring the internal temperature to over 750º Fahrenheit, the kind of heat necessary to bake a pie in two minutes or so."
LA Daily News

Read the full review online.

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