April 2010

No. 14; Research & Giardino Updates



In this month’s Wood-Fired Newsletter, we focus on research. For anyone considering the purchase of a new wood-fired oven, as well as those of us who currently own an oven, questions abound. What size oven should I buy? What model? How do I cook bread in my oven? How do I put my oven together? Can my oven withstand cold, harsh climates? Easy access to helpful, comprehensive research resources is critical.

With the introduction of our new Forno Bravo Wood-Fired FAQ, questions like these – and many others – will be answered not only by the Forno Bravo team, but also by you, the wood-fired community. See the article to the right for more on the FAQ and how you can help us build this new research resource. (Also, don’t miss the related special contest at the bottom of this newsletter for a little incentive!)

Staying with the research theme, the Forno Bravo “how-to” article below describes how people looking to purchase a new oven can be sure of selecting the perfect one. From a “getting started” guide to an interactive Oven Selection Wizard, we’ve got your research needs covered.

Finally, after doing a little research of our own, we’ve made some updates to our Giardino family of ovens: an improved vent and the addition of a door jamb. Full details are below.

On behalf of the entire Forno Bravo team, we hope you are enjoying the beginnings of a lovely springtime. We look forward to hearing from you soon – including your favorite seasonal spring recipes!

Best regards,

Forno Bravo How-To:
Selecting the Perfect Oven

Purchasing a wood-fired oven is a big investment. There are a lot of options available – we sell a number of different pizza oven product lines so we can meet the widest possible range of requirements. You need to be sure you select the oven that is just right for you, your cooking needs, and your home or garden environment.

To make the research and selection processes as easy as possible, we’ve gathered quite a bit of information and included links on one convenient Web page – Selecting the Right Pizza Oven. A few highlights you’ll find:

A Pizza Oven Guide: Getting Started
This guide is chock-full of helpful, practical background information on oven types, the way our ovens cook, materials, basic oven design and more. Read through this guide before visiting the Oven Selection Wizard.

Oven Selection Wizard
This interactive questionnaire will walk you step-by-step through the oven selection process. The questions cover such topics as: who will be doing the installation, available space, the types of foods you will be cooking, how large your family is, what size parties you’ll be hosting, and your budget considerations.

Pizza Oven Design Styles
See examples of the main design styles to give you ideas for what might work best for your own environment.

Why Forno Bravo?
Learn why, when you’re choosing a wood-fired oven, you can rest assured that Forno Bravo offers the very best ovens on the market.

The Giardino Series Gets an Update

... And now, a word from the “Continuous Improvement” department! Here at Forno Bravo, we are always working hard to make better products for our valued customers. Many times, improvement ideas come directly from you – via the Forno Bravo Forum, e-mails to our service team and other feedback channels.

Most recently, we have made some updates to our Giardino family of ovens for easier installation and use. First, we improved the vent: It’s thicker, more robust, and flat at the top, so installing the clay pipe or single-wall stainless steel chimney system is simpler. Second, we added a door jamb, making it easier to close the oven door and seal off the oven’s air supply.

Learn more about our Giardino ovens, which offer the perfect balance between size/weight and cooking capacity. These wonderful ovens can be assembled in minutes, while still allowing a homeowner, builder or DIYer to construct a fully custom enclosure. (And all at a price a lot lower than you would think!)

As always, we appreciate your feedback. Our customers are instrumental in ensuring we provide the best ovens on the market.

Start Shopping!


Win a T-shirt for Your Burning Questions

This month’s special offer is a little different than usual. In fact, it’s a contest. We want you to help us build our new online Wood-Burning FAQ. For your time, you have the chance to win a Forno Bravo t-shirt! Here’s how our FAQ contest works:

  1. Send in your wood-fired oven FAQ contribution (a question and an answer). Simply post your proposed Q&A on this page by May 31st, 2010. At the end of your answer, please add (Newsletter Contest), so we know you are participating in the contest. Feel free to submit more than one FAQ.
  2. We will read all of your contributions and consider each of them for inclusion in the new online FAQ.
  3. Two lucky individuals with the best submissions (chosen by the Forno Bravo team) win a Forno Bravo t-shirt! We’ll notify the winners by e-mail by June 7th, 2010.