June 2008
No. 2; The Olive Oil Issue
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The Wood-Fired Newsletter: Olive Oil Edition


Wood-Fired Cooking and Extra Virgin Olive Oil are made for each other. Many of the authentic Italian dishes we all enjoy, from pizza and schiacciata to white beans and baked pasta all find their heritage in the countryside, with great quality ingredients, great olive oil and a brick oven. Nothing can beat the taste of vibrant, green olive oil, sampled fresh from the stone mill. And that's a flavor you can get with Forno Bravo's own Extra Virgin Olive Oil, imported directly from the hills south of Florence. As producer says, "enjoy your olive oil young and your wine old."

Click to Learn More about Italian Olive Oil Production. We have some wonderful photographs of the harvest, the trees and the old stone olive mill. Or, you can order our incredible olive oil in one liter cans from the Forno Bravo Store.

We hope you enjoy our Olive Oil Edition.


Schiacciata Tuscan Flatbread
schiacciataSchiacciata is staple of daily life throughout Tuscany, where it is served by the chunk at every bakery in every villages. It is cut from a large rectangular piece, weighed and eaten. It's the original fast food (which in part explains by American fast food has never caught on in Italy).

It is an olive oil infused flatbread that is thicker than a pizza, but thinner than a Genoan Focaccia. You can make wonderful Schiacciata using Caputo Tipo 00 flour and the Forno Bravo Extra Virgin Olive Oil -- add it to the dough, drizzle it on top of the dough while it bakes and then swirl a little more on top right when it comes out of the oven. Olive oil heaven. Don't forget your digital dough scale.

Click to see the Schiacciata recipe.

Olive Oil and Pizza
oleriaA top quality olive oil is a frequently overlooked element of a great pizza. Don't add olive oil to your pizza dough or your pizza sauce -- but make sure to swirl a tablespoon or two on top of your cheese, tomatoes and toppings, right before you place your pizza in the oven. You can use the Forno Bravo Oil Cannister to swirl your oil. The heat of a wood-fired brick oven fuses the top of your pizza into a rich, brown crust. Eccellente.

Want to improve your pizza even more? Take a minute and read our Perfect Pizza Sauce recipe. All you need is a can of Forno Bravo San Marzano DOP tomatoes, a food mill and a little salt. The bright, fresh taste is perfect for wood-fired pizza.

You can find everything you need at the Forno Bravo Store.


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Schiacciata, Tuscan Flatbread

Olive Oil and Pizza

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Forno Bravo imports a wonderful cold-pressed, 100% Tuscan extra virgin olive oil directly from the source -- the olive oil mill (Frantoio) just south of Florence. The olives are grown and hand picked from family-owned trees, and processed using a traditional, mechanical stone mill. Everything comes from a single family farm, including the pickers and the granite frantoio itself. We are very lucky to have made this connection, and to be able to offer this truly world-class olive oil through the Forno Bravo Store. It is unlike anything you can find in the U.S.

Order your olive oil at the Forno Bravo Store.

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For the next 30 days, order a one liter can of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Forno Bravo Store, we will throw in one 2.2 lb bag of Molino Caputo Tipo 00 flour. They are the right combination for perfect Tuscan Schiacciata.

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