Pizza Oven Throughput

Pizza baking throughput is based on the number of places each oven provides multiplied by the number of pizzas each place can bake per hour. By estimating that a pizza can be baked and removed from the oven in roughly three minutes, we calculate that each place is capable of producing 20 pizzas per hour. An individual restaurant’s actual throughput will be determined by a number of factors, including pizza baking time, how closely pizzas are placed together in the oven, and the speed of the restaurant staff.

24" Primavera60, Andiamo60, Giardino60, Stada60

Throughput: 20

24 oven

28" Primavera70, Andiamo70, Giardino70

Throughput: 40

pizza oven

32" Casa2G80, Toscana80

Throughput: 50

pizza oven

36" Casa2G90, Toscana90

Throughput: 60

pizza oven

40" Casa2G100, Premio2G100, Toscana100

Throughput: 80

pizza oven

44" Casa2G110, Premio2G110, Toscana110, Professionale110 OK, FA, KD, Roma110

Throughput: 120

pizza oven

48" Premio2G120, Professionale120 OK, FA, KD, Modena2G120 OK, FA, KD, Napoli120, Roma120

Throughput: 140

pizza oven

56" Modena2G140 FA, OK, KD, Napoli140

Throughput: 200

pizza oven

56" x 64" Modena2G160 FA, OK, KD

Throughput: 240

pizza oven

56" x 72" Modena2G180 FA, OK, KD

Throughput: 280

pizza oven