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vase festonatoGarland Vase (Festonato)

vase simpleDouble Band Vase

small vasesSmall Fruit Motif Vase

vase ornateOrnate Vase

We offer four different Impruneta Terracotta vases, each in various sizes, including the Garland Vase, with a decorative garland; the Double Border Vase, with a simple banded design; smaller vases with a fruit motif; and our signature large Ornate Vase.

Each vase is suitable for holding decorative trees, shrubs and flowers, and comes with a water hole in the bottom. They look great with a lemon tree. These vases can be raised with terracotta "feet" or can be set in a saucer. Raising the vase off the ground is important in areas that see significant frosts, and a saucer is an important accessory for indoor use.

For more on caring for your Impruneta Terracotta, reader our Terracotta Care page.

Also, don't let the good looks fool you. These pots and vases are very tough. They can be left outside all year, regardless of your climate. Remember that while Tuscany has a very large number of lemon trees planted in terracotta vases, the region receives frost every winter, so many of these vases are moved to a Limonaia, or covered greenhouse, and back every year -- often transported by tractor. The pots are made to withstand that type of use; though hopefully you will not have to move your Forno Bravo Impruneta Terracotta too often.

To see how Impruneta Terracotta is make, click on our Terracotta Craftsmanship page.

Otherwise, click on photograph, or on the item below, to see a larger photo, and available sizes and weights. Click on Shop Now bottom for pricing.

The Forno Bravo Terracotta Impruneta Family

Garland Vase (Vaso Festonato), a large vase with a simple upper rim and garland motif, available in two sizes;

Double Band Vase (Vaso Dobbio Bordo), a large vase with a simple upper rim and two simple bands, available in two sizes;

Small Fruit Vase (Vasetto con frutta), a smaller vase with a simple upper rim and a banded fruit motif, available in two sizes;

Ornate Vase (Vaso Ornato), a large vase with a hand carved upper band, a fruit garland upper half design and leaf lower half design; available in one size.