Terracotta Bakewarelandscape

Oval Casserole.

Lasagne Pan.

terracotta lasagna pan
Covered Casserole.

Forno Bravo carries a full line of hand-made, imported Spanish terracotta bakeware designed specifically for use in wood-fired brick ovens. Our bakeware is both beautiful and functional. The traditional color and glaze makes the bakeware perfect for dishes that you take from the oven, straight to the table.

Made from a higher grade of clay than typical terracotta, this wonderful bakeware is heat resistant to over 1500ºF. Our manufacturer makes two grades of bakeware, basic clay and the product that sell — that they call stoneware. It's more expensive, but we think it is worth it. You can use the pans in a conventional oven, or a wood-fired oven and it is 100% food-safe.

We carry a range of sizes and shapes, including ovals, Lasagna pans, and casseroles with lids in different sizes.

Our producer, located in southern Spain, has been making terracotta bakeware and decorative products for over 100 years. We have really enjoyed using these pans — how they cook,, how they look and how well they lasts.

One note. The first time you use one of our terracotta products, fill the pan with water and heat in a conventional oven at 400ºF for 20 minutes.