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Artigiano120-39 x 47-True-Brick-Pizza-Oven

Artigiano120 39″ x 47″ True Brick Pizza Oven

Oven Size:


39″ Handmade True Pizza Oven. Includes oven dome, cooking floor, vent, steel door, 3 x 1″ woven ceramic insulating blanket, and 2″ ceramic oven floor insulation. Cooks 4-5 pizzas at a time. A special and unique brick oven, made by a small group of artisans in Tuscany, Italy. The oven is built as a single-piece dome, with sectional floor tiles. The Artigiano is Italy’s finest pizza oven. Oven tools not included.

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Weight 1305 lbs
Dimensions 60 x 48 x 48 in

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