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Pizza Oven History - a brief history of brick ovens, from the ancient world to the modern refractory pizza oven.

Pizza Oven Design Styles - examples of the main design styles.

Commercial Pizza Ovens - Forno Bravo sells Italy's finest wood and gas-fired pizza ovens, both as Modular Kits and as Fully-Assembled Ovens.

Check out Vera Pizza Napoletana - you can learn more through our VPN Guidelines, VPN Specification and VPN FAQ.

It's all about the pizza. Forno Bravo works with a network of experts who can provide a comprehensive family of professional services designed to help both new and existing pizzerias make a world-class pizza. They can take your kitchen from concept through design and implementation to opening. Our services include:

Kitchen Design
Equipment specification and placement
Pizzaiolo training
Supply chain development
Certification assistance
Pre- and post opening analysis

If you are considering opening an artisan pizzeria, have a lease and a set opening date, or are already open and want to improve your quality or become certified by the Verace Pizza Napoletana association, we can help you reach your goals.

Unlike a traditional Pizzaiolo School, where classes are taught in a test kitchen, our partners deliver professional services where you need them -- at your restaurant. That way, you learn to make pizza and develop your processes, where it counts; using your own equipment, at your own facility. So while we take advantage of everything the Internet and modern communications have to offer, which makes us very efficient, we are ready to take the extra step, and meet you where you need us the most.

Through our partnerships with Molino Caputo, Pizza Consulting, Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, GI Metal, Orlando Foods, and others, we have the resources you need to be productive and efficient.

Our partners have rich restaurant experience in America and in Europe, and they are Pizza Napoletana trained by the master pizzaiolo trainer Enzo Coccia in Naples. We know what you are trying to accomplish. We've been there. And we can help.

So let's get going.