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Forno Bravo carries a complete range of home pizza making tools that make it easy to bake true Italian pizza and hearth bread at home, including professional-grade pizza stones, pizza cutters and servers, wood and stainless steel pizza peels, and imported Italian pizza ingredients -- each carefully selected for the serious gourmet pizza chef.

The 3/4" professional-grade are much thicker than other pizza stones and offer faster heat up, better heat retention and better heat transfer for both hearth bread or pizza. The extra thick design also offers better durability. Our Pizza Stones are made using the same material and specifications as commercial deck oven hearths costing thousands of dollars, so unlike basic pizza stones that can break after a couple of uses, the Forno Bravo Pizza Stones carry a 10-year warranty. The Forno Bravo Pizza Stones include the Forno Bravo CD ROM, a $25 value.

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"As for stones in conventional home ovens, I have tried several and so far the FB stone I bought years ago is by far the best. It's the only one that held up to the heat as it lay on my (gas) oven floor. For a home oven, this altered radically how my pizza turns out."
Kim E., Saugerties, NY

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Want to learn more? Take a minute and download our free Pizza Stone Pizza eBook; it's the definitive work on making Vera Pizza Napoletana at home.

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