San Marzano Tomatoes for Pizzeriassan Marzano tomato photo

san Marzano tomato photo

The San Marzano tomato DOP, grown in the rich soil of Campania is the perfect pizza sauce tomato. The flesh is firm, and can be easily worked into a bright and fresh pizza sauce; perfect for your wood-fired pizzeria. While they cost a little bit more than a domestic imitator, there is no comparison in taste and texture -- and we think that you customers will be able to sell the difference. That is why we believe that a true San Marzano tomato is an essential component of every Artisan Pizzeria.

Forno Bravo has created a partnership with one of America's largest importers of Italian food product and products from Campania to help create a efficient, reliable, and cost-effective supply of San Marzano tomatoes, in restaurant-sized cans, across the entire U.S.

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