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outdoor sink
Stone sink

oven and fireplaceOutdoor oven and outdoor fireplace

oven and grillOutdoor oven and wood grill

In addition to a wood-fired pizza oven, your Outdoor Kitchen can contain an array of different pieces that make it fun, and a lot easier, to cook outdoors. From refrigerators to sinks; and fireplaces to grills, outdoor entertaining has never been more fun. Plus, many of these items have been designed specifically for outdoor use in the past few years.

Depending your budget and space, your outdoor kitchen Layout can include:

A sink; you can either drain it into your main waste line, or into a purpose build waste system. It isn't difficult. Consider a traditional stone sink -- they look great.

Prep Space; make sure you have enough space for preparing your pizzas and other food. It should be near the sink and the oven.

A refrigerator; keep the food you will be cooking, along with liquid supplies for the chef near by.

A bar; your guests will want to watch you cook -- and perhaps eat at the same time.

An Outdoor Fireplace; it will keep your guests warm in the shoulder seasons of spring and autumn, giving you more use of your outdoor kitchen

A grill; either gas or wood-fired. If you are installing a wood-fired oven, consider a wood/charcoal grill.

An Arbor or Pergola; it will design the outdoor kitchen space, and provide shelter from rain, sun, heat and wind.