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outdoor fireplaceThe Fiamma50 fireplace kit.

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Fiamma50 20" outdoor fireplace

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Fiamma50 Specification Sheet (pdf)

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The Fiamma50 fireplace include the modular fireplace kit with base, firebrick tile floor, and refractory mortar. Give us a call, or send us an email, if you have any questions.

The Forno Bravo Fiamma50 delivers a new level of simplicity for customers looking to install a custom outdoor fireplace. The modular Fiamma kit provides the complete fireplace structure, including the wood storage base, firebox, vent and chimney, eliminating the need for complicated concrete form and block construction. The installer simply stacks four Fiamma pieces and the firebrick floor, and finishes the exterior with stucco and paint, brick or stone.

Fiamma Installation does not require any specialized fireplace design or construction skills, and the kit can be assembled and finished in a fraction of the time required to build a custom brick fireplace—at a fraction of the cost.

As with the larger Forno Bravo Calore2G series, the Fiamma50 is a true masonry fireplace, so it not only looks great, it will last for many, many years—and unlike a metal fireplace, it will never rust or corrode.

The Fiamma’s firebox and base feature an attractive “eyebrow” arch design, and the base is both decorative and functional. The base raises the firebox to an attractive height and provides a sheltered wood storage area. Unlike other outdoor fireplace kits where this important function is left to the owner to design and build, the Fiamma owner simply set the base in place.

Each fireplace component is constructed using a high-tech insulating refractory composite that is both lightweight and heat resistant to 2600ºF. The fireplace stays cool on the outer walls, while reflecting heat out through the firebox opening.

The Fiamma fireplace exterior can be finished to meet any specific architectural style.

The Fiamma50 features a 20”W x 18”H internal opening, and includes the fireplace base, firebox, smoke chamber, refractory chimney and firebrick tile floor.

The Fiamma Fireplace Kit

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