March 2009
No. 5; Pizza Stone Pizza


Wood-Fired News:
The New Pizza Stone Pizza eBook

The are so many good reasons to use a pizza stone, it is difficult to know where to start. For many wood oven afficionados, our love affair with pizza and hearth bread wood-fired cooking started with a pizza stone. The migration from a basic department store pizza stone, to a high-end pizza stone, to a wood oven is natural. Everything you learn using a pizza stone translates directly to wood-fired cooking, and there are many times where it is convenient to use a pizza stone -- even if you already have a wood oven.

That's why we are so happy to announce the Forno Bravo Pizza Stone Pizza eBook. Building on our previous eBooks, we offer new ideas and techniques on dough preparation and handling, and I think we have developed some really good ideas for making a great pizza in a conventional oven. You can read more about it in the month's Wood-Fired News, and you can download it from the Forno Bravo Store. Of course it's free!

Working with the Forno Bravo pizza stone for an intense period of time while writing and testing Pizza Stone Pizza has given me an even higher level of appreciation for how well our pizza stone performs and how rugged it is. If you read the FB Forum, you will know that I bake a lot of hearth bread on the FB pizza stone, and with this new experience I can definitely say that it makes great pizza.

If you don't have a wood oven, or are considering getting one, and even if you already have a wood oven and want to make bread or pizza on a cold, rainy Friday night, think about using a professional-grade pizza stone.

One final note. We are proud to announce an agreement we have reached with a department of the U.S. Veteran's Association. A group of vets in the northwest is manufacturing high quality wood pizza peels, and Forno Bravo has begun selling them. They are made from kiln dried ash, and they are a lot nicer than the basic "restaurant supply" pizza peel. The wood is very solid and the detail work is excellent. Plus, Forno Bravo is donating a percentage of the proceeds back to the VA program. You can order these great pizza peels through the Forno Bravo Store.


Forno Bravo Pizza Stone

pizza stoneWhen we hear the term "pizza stone" many of us have a mental image of a paper-thin, orange baking stone that just cracked. At least I do. I don't want to think about how many of those stones I have cracked. As a result, I started trying a range of alternatives, including firebrick splits, clay paving tiles and kiln shelves, in every oven and BBQ I could find. I realized my habit had gone too far when I started storing a bag of firebricks in the trunk of the family car, so that I could test them out in my friend's ovens.

With that background, I can say that we are very happy with the Forno Bravo pizza stone and we get lots of email from happy customers saying it is, by far, the best pizza stone they have used. It is thick and durable, and it offers excellent thermal performance. It heats up quickly, stores a large amount of heat for baking, and it has a fast heat recovery period when baking lots of pizzas in a row -- and it bakes great pizza.

"As for stones in conventional home ovens, I have tried several and so far the Forno Bravo stone I bought years ago is by far the best. It's the only one that held up to the heat as it lay on my (gas) oven floor. For a home oven, this altered radically how my pizza turns out."
Kim E., Saugerties, NY

How thick is it really? About three times thicker than a basic stone. Check out our photo of the FB Stone next to a basic stone.

The Forno Bravo pizza stone is made using the same materials and techniques as the cooking hearth of commercial deck pizza ovens costing thousands of dollars. These ovens are known for their ability to bake large quantities of high-end pizza. Our experience writing the Pizza Stone Pizza eBook confirms that the FB pizza stone can bake a series of great pizzas at 550ºF -- about five minutes per pizza. You can also use two pizza stones for even more retained heat and "two at a time" pizza baking.

The FB pizza stone is available in two sizes -- a 13 5/8" round and a 15"x20" rectangle, along with a 13 5/8" designed for use on a BBQ. Take a minute to measure your oven to make sure the 15"x20" rectangle will fit.

You can order the Forno Bravo Pizza Stones from the Forno Bravo Store.

Using Pizza Peels

pizza peelWe think you need two types of pizza peels to be efficient making pizza at home -- a wood pizza peel where you assemble your pizza and then slide it onto your pizza stone, and a metal pizza peel to turn it and take it out of the oven.

While less well known (and perhaps less popular) than the familiar wood peel, the steel peel makes a lot of sense. It is thinner than the wood peel, and easier to slide under the pizza (without shooting it off the pizza stone), and it is round, making it easy to rotate your pizza to adapt to hotter and cooler spots in your oven.

The Forno Bravo metal pizza peel is 8"w x 10"d, and is made using heavy gauge stainless steel, and we think you will like it. Designed for commerical use, it is heavy and slightly chunky, and it will give you years and years of service.

If you are looking for a wood peel, check out the Forno Bravo peel. It is 12"w x 14"d, and it has an 8" handle. It is made from kiln dried wood to reduce the risk of warping, and it is smoothly bevelled on three sides. It's really nice. As we noted before, it is made by a department of the Veteran's Association that helps veterans develop new skills. We were contacted by the VA about selling their products and we were happy to work with them. Forno Bravo is returning a percentage of our sales back to the VA.

You can purchase both Forno Bravo peels, and lots of other fun pizza making gadgets, through the Forno Bravo Store.


In This Issue

Pizza Stone Pizza

The Forno Bravo Professional-Grade Pizza Stone

Pizza Peels for you Conventional Oven

Pizza Stone Pizza

cover art

Pizza Stone Pizza is the fifth in the Forno Bravo eBook cooking and baking series. It's our first eBook dedicated to pizza stone baking. Our goal is to help you make a serious artisan pizza in a conventional oven.

Over 50 pages, Pizza Stone Pizza explores background information on pizza and pizza stones, and then takes you through each step you need to master to make great pizza. We cover flour, yeast, dough, pizza preparation and baking. After years of experimenting with authentic Vera Pizza Napoletana dough, we have even come up with a few new ideas for that even the most experienced home pizza maker should try out. Take a minute to check out our version of the "keyhole" dough ball technique.

Like our previous Wood-Fired Cooking eBooks, Pizza Stone Pizza features many graphics and photographs which help describe such important concepts as heat transfer and dough ball preparation. Cost-effective (in our case free) production of graphics-intensive documents is a powerful element of electronic publishing that we take advantage of with this new eBook.

And of course like all Forno Bravo eBooks, Pizza Stone Pizza is free!

You can download your copy through the Forno Bravo Store.

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