January 2009
No. 3; The Caputo Rosso Issue


The Wood-Fired Newsletter: The Caputo Rosso Edition

Welcome to 2009 and a new year of wood-fired cooking! We have had many exciting new developments over the past few months at Forno Bravo, and we are thrilled to be bringing them to you with our Wood-Fired Newsletter.

We are happy to announce that we are now stocking Caputo Rosso Pizza Flour from Molino Caputo in Naples. They recently started providing this excellent pizza flour in 2.2 lb (1kg) bags for the home baking market and we have fully switched over in the Forno Bravo Store. The Rosso flour is a little stronger than the Blue bag Caputo flour in the 2.2 lb bags, and we think you are going to love. Read more on Caputo Rosso.
Want to make great pizza and bread dough? Need a new mixer? Forno Bravo is now offering the popular Electrolux Assistent from the Forno Bravo Store. Long popular with the "serious" pizza crowd, this excellent mixer has been refined, and re-introduced to the U.S.. It makes large batches of incredible dough. Read more here.
Also, we coming up on some big milestones within the Forno Bravo community, including 50,000 posting and 6,000 registered members in the Forno Bravo Forum, and we have had over 30,000 downloads of the Forno Bravo eBooks. Thanks to all of you for your contribution to the wood-fired cooking community.
Finally, we are happy to announce that we have created the Forno Bravo Channel on YouTube. Take a minute to check out our cooking and oven videos and to subscribe to our channel.

We hope you enjoy our Caputo Rosso Edition newsletter.


Bookmark: article_oneCiabatta Italian Bread

Ciabatta is a classic Italian loaf the combines a flavorful, light and chewy crumb, with a crunchy crust. It's a light bread that you can enjoy every day. The word "ciabatta" translates to slipper -- the shape of the loaf. Personally, I think they should call it the dog bone, because of the distinctive shape of the loaf -- it is wider at the ends that the middle.

You can make a wonderful Ciabatta with either 50% Caputo Rosso and 50% American general purpose flour, or 100% Caputo Rosso flour. The keys to success with a Ciabatta are a high hydration (80% water) dough and very gentle dough handing to leave the big holes in place. Try the poolish, we think it is worth the extra effort of starting the night before.

Click to see our Ciabatta Recipe, or our Ciabatta Discussion on the FB Forum. Also, take a moment and check out our Wood-Fired Ciabatta video on YouTube.

Bookmark: article_twoElectrolux Assistent

electrolux assistentFeaturing a powerful and quiet 600 watt motor with self adjusting speed control, the Electrolux Assistent uses a unique design to put the motor in the bottom of the unit. A movable steel arm holds the roller with a separate scraper that simultaneously rolls and kneads dough and batter.

This innovate mixer is quieter than a basic stand mixer, has more capacity, and most importantly is more gentle in thoroughly mixing pizza and bread dough. You can feel and taste the difference.

We are bundling the Forno Bravo CD ROM (a $25 value) with each Electrolux Assistent purchased from the Forno Bravo Store.


In This Issue

Caputo Rosso Pizza Flour

Ciabatta Italian Bread

Electrolux Assistent Dough Mixer

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Molino Caputo has begun providing to highly regarded Caputo Rosso flour in the small, 2.2lb bags -- for home chefs.

The Rosso flour is loved by many enthusiasts who have been able to get their hands on it, and we know folks who used to beg sackfuls from local pizzerias. The flour is a little stronger than the Pizzeria flour that comes in the 55lb bags. In turn, the Pizzeria flour is a little stronger than the Blue flour that used to come in the 2.2lb bags.

You can use Captuo Rosso flour without blending, and it will give you a pizza with a little more character and crunch than the Blue flour, without losing the incredibly soft dough, extensibility and flavor that we have all come to love with Caputo flour.

Order your Caputo Rosso at the Forno Bravo Store.

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For the next 30 days, order an Electrolux Assistent, and we will included the Forno Bravo CD ROM and one 2.2 lb. bag of Caputo Rosso. Good things go together.

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