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italian fork mixer
An Italian fork mixer
dough storage
Dough storage

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All You Need For Your Commercial Pizza Oven

Outfitting an Artisan “Italian-style” Pizzeria is different from building an ordinary pizzeria or restaurant. From your commercial pizza oven, pizza dough storage to prep tables, your new restaurant has some very specific demands. Many of the things you are looking for cannot be found at your local wholesalers restaurant equipment supply company. To ensure that you find what you need, Forno Bravo has established relationships with the right suppliers for the right equipment or commercial pizza oven.

Outfitting a new restaurant can also be a very time, labor and resource intensive task — particularly if you are starting from scratch. Also, many of the items you are looking for are produced in Italy, and cannot be found in any of the traditional sales channels. For restaurant owners, it can be overwhelming. We can ensure that you will find the right equipment and the right prices, and that you will do it efficiently. By working with Forno Bravo, you will not only pick the right items, you will also save a lot of time and money.

At this point, your kitchen design is complete; and your equipment is on order; you are ready to roll. Once your kitchen is completed, you are ready for the next step: pizzaiolo training.

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