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Pizzaiolo Training

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Making Pizza with Forno Bravo

Forno Bravo provides expert, on-site pizzaiolo training, as part of an overall program. We can train you and your pizza making team to be successful where it matters the most — in your kitchen. Plus, our pizzaiolo training program has the complete backing and approval of Molino Caputo, so you know you are getting a first-class education.

Becoming a world-class Pizzaiolo requires commitment. We have heard experts say that shaping the perfect pizza base is as difficult as hitting the perfect cross-court backhand and that making pizza is as difficult a competitive downhill skiing. You cannot get it out of a book or learn it in a weekend. Making great pizza takes skill, technique and practice. A master can consistently shape the perfect pizza base in 12 seconds; without variation. The technique for making the dough and pizza balls themselves are equally challenging, requiring dexterity and hand strength.

There are other ways you, and your pizza making team can find pizzaiolo training. You can travel to Italy to one of a handful of school, or best of all, you can set aside one month for pizza training at Pizza Consulting in Naples. Language and the cost of travel can be a challenge, but the level of training you receive will be outstanding.

Alternatively, VPN Americas offers 3-day and one-week courses. Still, you have to travel and work in someone else’s kitchen, not your own, and it can become very costly to train more than one person at a time.

Our approach is different. We travel to your restaurant to provide on-site training that benefits the entire team, from the owner and manager to the prep staff — as well as the pizzaiolo. We offer a one-week course that will get you well on your way to making a world-class pizza.

We teach:

The tradition of Italian Artisan pizza
Pizza flour basics
Using and controlling yeast
Preparing the dough and recipes
Dough ball preparation and shaping (bagnioli)
Pizza base shaping (making the disk)
Pizza peel techniques
Tomato basics and tomato sauces
Cheese basics and preparation
Pizza assembly
Pizza recipes
Oven management
Pizza baking


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