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Primavera70 Pizza Oven – Forno Bravo

Primavera70 Assembled 28″ Oven Yellow


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The Primavera70 is a fully-assembled 28″ pizza oven. Just set it in place and you are ready to go. Includes fully finished, weatherproof Mediterranean igloo enclosure with chimney, oven door, thermometer, and metal stand. Warm yellow color with Tuscan glaze. The perfect choice for homeowners who want a real Italian wood pizza oven, but have limited space — all at a great price. Bakes authentic 90-second Vera Pizza Napoletana. Tool set optional accessory.

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“Just a note to thank all of you at Forno Bravo. I just fired up up my Primavera oven over the last week and am making pizzas everyday. The oven is remarkable in that it heats up quickly and cooks to perfection. I cannot look at food or recipes without wondering how I can cook it in the oven. The oven is truly a marvel. Thanks again for answering all my questions and steering me in the right direction.”
Ed R, Downingtown, PA

Weight 1050 lbs
Dimensions 50 x 49 x 52 in

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