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napolino pizza ovenGreat looking tile work.

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Napolino60 24" Round Oven
Napolino70 28" Round Oven

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Napolino Specification Sheet

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Pizza oven tools
Infrared temperature gauge
Oven bakeware
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The Napolino Series is a family of Naples-style pizza ovens designed for backyard baking. These beautiful and innovative ovens feature the traditional center vent and beautifully tiled enclosure found in pizzerias in Naples (and around the world), in an oven sized for home pizza making, baking and roasting. The name Napolino, an affectionate, diminutive version of Napoli, says it all.

The Napolino ovens are available in two sizes: the Napolino60 offers a 24” cooking floor, while the Napolino70 delivers more cooking space with a larger 28” cooking floor. Both ovens are available with or without a metal stand, so that the Napolino can be either placed on a deck or patio using the Forno Bravo stand, or installed on a custom stand or grill island.
Like all Forno Bravo ovens, the Napolino ovens are built using high-tech refractories and space-age insulators, ensuring optimal high temperature baking performance for perfect Pizza Napoletana and excellent heat retention for baking and roasting.

The Napolino Series ovens feature a traditional Naples-style ventilation system, where hot air exhausted from the oven is routed back over the oven dome and then vented through a vertical stainless steel chimney pipe in the center of the oven. This ventilation method helps evenly and efficiently heat the oven dome, as well as help the oven maintain the high temperatures required for baking Pizza Napoletana.

The ovens feature a beautifully tiled enclosure sealed for outdoor use, along with an optional stand that is powder coated to be weather-proof, rust-proof, and attractive. The Napolino ovens are available as standard with a red and black tile pattern, and custom tile colors and designs are available for an extra cost.

The Napolino ovens combine fast heat-up (as quick as 20 minutes) with excellent heat-holding capabilities. The outer shell of the oven stays cool, while the oven chamber easily maintains 750ºF plus temperatures necessary to bake authentic Italian pizza in two minutes.

The oven includes a steel door with a thermometer. Optional accessories include a pizza placing peel, a round turning peel, an oven brush, oven rake, oven shovel and infrared thermometer.

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