refractory The Casa2G Series ovens are cast with the industry's highest grade refractory material, and commercial-grade casting technology. Each Casa2G dome piece is constructed using 98% pure, 81% AL2O3/SiO2 refractory material (no other oven even compares) and a two-side, machine vibrated casting processs. Rustic Italian ovens use a single sided form and hand-packed material (which explains why they have a rough surface on the inside) -- which is not as dense, or accurately cast.

This high quality refractory casting enables the Casa2G ovens to deliver the industry's fastest heat up times (as little as 30 minutes), while the density of the material and the casting technique deliver the industry's best heat retention. In fact, the Casa2G ovens are 20% heavier than the first generation Casa ovens.

Is there a big difference? Definitely. In fact, some pizza oven suppliers offer both rustic ovens, and for a much higher price, they also offer commercial-grade residential ovens. We don't think that is the right approach. Our commercial-grade Casa2G ovens cost a lot less than the other guy's rustic ovens.