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What is the difference between a Modular Kit and an Assembled Oven?

The Forno Bravo Modular Kits come in pieces, and require on-site installation, where the Assembled Ovens are, in fact, fully assembled, and only need to be set in place and fired. They still need to be cured, but otherwise, they are ready to go.

What are the advantages of each type?

The Modular Kits are more flexible, and allow the customer to build a custom enclosure as part of an overall outdoor kitchen design. The Modular Kits are easier to ship and the pieces can be easily moved to the building it, and the Modular Kits are the most cost-effective way of installing a pizza oven.

The Assembled Ovens are more convenient and easy to set up, and they do not require any masonry skills. They are also the fastest way to install and use a wood-fired oven.

Why did you develop the Casa2G?

The Casa2G is the culmination of years of experience installing, designing and using thousands of ovens. It represents a big step forward in residential oven quality and performance. Did you notice how much it resembles the Forno Bravo Modena commercial oven? Who says you can't teach the 2,000 brick oven a few new tricks.

What are the differences between the Toscana Series and the Primavera Series?

The Toscana Series ovens are based on our popular Casa2G Series modular ovens, and feature larger cooking sizes, heavier thickness for the oven dome and cooking floor, and thicker insulation. They are professional-grade ovens, sized for home use, taking advantage of the same refractory and insulation technology as our high-end commercial ovens. Still, they are very heavy, and require mechanical equipment to set them in place (such as a forklift). The Toscana Series ovens range from 32" to 44", and they can bake many pizzas at a time, large amounts of hearth bread, and a complete dinner -- including a full-size turkey.

The Primavera Oven is lighter, and can be set up by a couple of people, without any specialized tools or equipment. It comes with a metal stand, and has virtually zero installation requirements. The cooking floor is eithert 24" or 28", which is large enough of fire-in-the-oven pizza baking. It's the perfect entry-level oven for casual entertaining.

If you have the budget, time and space for either the Toscana Series, or a Forno Bravo Modular Kit, such as the Casa2G, Premio or Artigiano -- we would highly recommend each of those ovens. We think you will appreciate the professional-grade cooking and the extra baking and roasting space. These are very popular ovens and oven sizes.

Still, if you do not have the budget, time or space for that type of oven, the Primavera Oven is an authentic Italian-style wood-fired oven, and we think you will love it.