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Beehive ovenThe Primavera60 includes a metal stand.

Primavera70The larger Primavera70.

primavera at the beachPrimavera60 at the beach.

Peter ReinhartPeter Reinhart with his Primavera60

Specifications Online
Primavera60 24" Round Oven
Primavera70 28" Round Oven

Specification Sheets (download pdf)
Primavera Specification Sheet

Assembly and Operation Manual (download pdf)
Primavera Manual

Optional Cooking Accessories
Pizza oven tools
Infrared temperature gauge
Oven bakeware
Imported pizza ingredients

Optional Installation Accessories
Cucina Stand Frame (for a built-in look)

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The Forno Bravo Primavera Series is a family of ready-to-cook wood-fired ovens, complete with a fully insulated refractory dome and cooking floor, vent, and door. Just set one in place, light the fire and start baking authentic Pizza Napoletana. The Primavera wood ovens combine the simplicity and convenience of a charcoal BBQ with the pleasure of true Italian wood-fired cooking.

The fully finished Primavera wood ovens are available in two sizes: the 24" Primavera 60 and the 28" Primavera70. Both ovens include the oven dome, round firebrick cooking floor, 6" oven landing, vent and chimney, metal door with a built-in thermometer, and a decorative stand. Everything you need to get started except the wood. Both ovens are also available in a special "NS" (no stand) version that can be set on a custom oven stand or BBQ island.

Our favorite cookbook writer and bread and pizza guru Peter Reinhart thinks his Primavera60 is wonderful!

"I'm in love with my Primavera oven. Why? Because it was easy to install (no frame building required--for me that was essential because I'm not good in that area), it's so easy to fire up, it heats quickly and holds the heat way longer than I thought it would (hours later it was still at 350 degrees), and -- and this is more important than you might imagine)-- it looks so cool! Not only do my friends experience immediate oven envy, but when they taste the food that comes out of it they jot down the website and start calculating where they plan to put theirs. The learning curve for cooking is very fast--I had my pizzas and focaccias figured out by the second pie and my oven roasted meats and vegetables were a quick study. The neighbors keep asking when we're firing up again, which makes us very popular in the neighborhood.
Peter Reinhart, Charlotte, NC"

The size and weight of the Primavera ovens are finely balanced, providing enough floor space and thermal mass for serious baking -- in packages that can be easily set up, and in some cases even moved. The Primavera enclosures are small; not much larger than your kettle BBQ, making them perfect for casual entertaining and family gatherings.

Or as the LA Daily News says,

"Bravo Forno Bravo!! This, amici, is the ne plus ultra of backyard pizza ovens -- the Primavera beehive from the fine artisans at Forno Bravo. If you are as fanatical about authentic Neapolitan pizza as I am, and want to be the envy of your friends and neighbors (assuming you don't have a rapsheet or otherwise checkered history), there is nothing cooler (nor hotter) than the Primavera60. It's a veritable life-changer."

Read the entire glowing review online.

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Based on modern refractory materials and space-age insulation, the Primavera Series ovens offer very fast heat times (as little as 20 minutes) and excellent heat retention capability for baking true Vera Pizza Napoletana and hearth bread. The oven easily maintains the high heat (700ºF+) necessary for serious pizza baking, while the outside of the oven stays cool to the touch. The oven dome and floor are rated for operation at 2300ºF -- temperatures far greater than the oven will ever reach. The Primavera wood ovens are the real thing.

The ovens utilize an Italian-style vent system, providing excellent air movement -- a significant improvement over ventless ovens, where smoke and soot pour out of the oven door, making the oven opening black and dirty and making it difficult to cook.

The Primavera ovens are finished in a warm Mediterranean "giallo" (golden yellow) color with a light brown old-world Tuscan glaze.

Optional accessories include a rectangular setting peel, round turning peel, copper brush, oven rake, oven shovel, infrared thermometer, Tuscan grill, and wood-fired oven bakeware.

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