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Commercial Pizza Peels - look at our Waffle Peel Design; it leaves excess flour on the counter.

Italian-Made Fork Dough Mixers - read why they are better for pizza dough that traditional spiral mixers.

Proper work flow, work surfaces, ovens, mixers, refrigeration, locations and angles are all critical to the operational success and quality of any pizzeria. From larger scale choices, such as your pizza oven or fork pizza dough mixer, to the little things, including the distance and angle between the ovens and prep table, the shape and material of the prep table and the location of the dough trays -- and everything in between -- there is a right away to lay out a pizzeria kitchen and restaurant.

If you "get it right" from the start, you will avoid potential major operational problems, and the cost to address them, later. Regardless of the shape and size of your kitchen, experience shows that proper planning can make all the difference.

Among the questions Forno Bravo can help you answer are:

Oven and prep surface location, distance and angle
Dough storage and access
Flour location
Why a "fork" mixer is important
Refrigeration type and location
Electrical, water and water location

We will provide you with a set a drawings that you can share with your builders or architect. This will get you off on the right foot, and lay the groundwork for smooth restaurant opening and your world-class pizza.