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Hi Everyone,

My Yahoo e-mail was hacked last night with that scam about being robbed in London and needing cash. I'm using this site now to try to reach as many of you as possible who may have gotten this phony scam with my address. Please DO NOT respond to it--it hijacked my whole e-history and I can't even use my yahoo e-mail to warn folks, so I'm doing it this way and through my other social media. Thanks for your understanding and patience.





#1 Michael Fross 2011-03-16 07:10
Hello Peter. Ouch, that's rough. Best of luck. I hope yahoo can help out here.

But I believe you are a "glass half full" guy, so it could be worse. At least you're stuck in England...
#2 Cary & Lillian Steiner 2011-03-16 17:44
Hi Peter - the first note I sent you after I received the hoaz went to the hacker, who had the nerve to write back! If it helps, he also owns the address 'recipetasters' at yahoo.

Anyway, hope all else is well!
#3 Peter Reinhart 2011-03-17 17:09
Yes, the scam is sneaky--they use an e-address similar to the one they've hijacked so that any responses go to them instead of the the poor schlep (me) who's getting used. If you wrote back to them, change your password to a complex, random series of numbers and letter (and write it down in a hidden place for your own reference) to make it harder for them to get into your e-mails.
#4 Lynne 2011-03-22 06:55
Peter, this happened to me w/ my gmail acct. I contacted people in my address book (hopefully didn't make it worse by doing that!) to let them know what happened, and pretty much everyone understood (well, one group I belonged to banned me - but I had discovered that they were a strange bunch & accepted the ban as a badge of honor, lol). It's frustrating that these scammers have a way of hacking into our address books, (I'm not technical enough to really understand how they do it), but it's happened to so many of us - we can at least share in our frustration!

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