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Coming Attractions, Week of March 7th
Peter Reinhart

This week we return to Pizzeria Basta in Boulder, CO, for another Kelly Whitaker pizza demo. This time, Kelly shows us his personal favorite, a simple and delicious Marinara pizza, with a few special Kelly touches. This video will post on Thursday.

I'll be back on Tuesday for a new Peter's Blog, with some comments on the growing gluten free trend.

Along the same lines, new Guest Columnist Tom Carrig will address the notion that eating pizza could be healthy for us. How and why--we'll find out on Friday.

And on Wednesday I'll post a new recipe, this one is an olive and peppadew pepper tapinade--great for topping a pizza or just eating with crackers!

Keep coming back--there's always something new on Pizza Quest.

Coming Attractions, Week of Feb. 28th
Peter Reinhart

This week we return to Pizzeria Mozza for the first of the final two Mozza webisode segments, this one featuring a round table discussion held at Osteria Mozza (next door to Pizzeria Mozza) with food writer's Russ Parsons and Kristine Kidd, as well as Nancy Silverton and me. Of course, the real stars are the pizzas, but it sure was fun making pizza talk with some serious, well respected fellow pizza freaks. This webisode will post on Thursday,

We will also have all the usual weekly features: Peter's Blog on Tuesday, a new recipe on Wednesday (my favorite Caesar salad dressing; if there's anything I like as much as pizza it's Caesar salad), the Mozza webisode on Thursday, and a new Guest Column on Friday, this one again from John Arena as he reflects on the history of the classic Margherita pizza (like the one Brad had last night at the fabulous Motorino in New York City--can't wait to see his photos and hear about his experience in a future posting).

Keep coming back, and bring your friends--our viewership is growing at a steady clip!

Coming Attractions, Week of February 21st
Peter Reinhart

Hi Everyone,

This week we will be posting a new instructional video from Kelly Whitaker of Pizzeria Basta. His previous video, showcasing a wonderful burrata cheese appetizer, was such a hit we've decided to bring him back for an encore. This video will post on Thursday (and, if you missed it, you can see his previous video on the Instructionals page in the archives).

On Wednesday, I'll be posting one of my favorite recipes from, American Pie: My Search for the Perfect Pizza. It's called Focaccia col Formaggio di Recco (ie: cheese focaccia from the town of Recco, Italy, near Genoa). It's unlike any other focaccia I've ever had and is absolutely fabulous--one of the tastiest treats we discovered --maybe THE tastiest treat-- on our journey through Italy!!

On Friday, we have a new Guest Column from John Arena, of Metro Pizza in Las Vegas. He is fast becoming one of our favorite and most popular columnists, and this week he tackles the Industrial Revolution and why the old adage, Practice Makes Perfect, may not always be true.

Tuesday is always Peter's Blog day, so look for a new posting from me on whatever is burning in my belly.

And don't forget, we love your comments, so feel free to post them at the bottom of any articles or videos that touch a nerve.




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