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Coming Attractions, Week of March 21st
Peter Reinhart

Next week we will begin to move up the coast, leaving Pizzeria Mozza in Los Angeles for the San Francisco foodie district known as "The Gastro."  There, we'll focus in on the fabulous Pizzeria Delfina, owned by James Beard Award winning chef, Craig Stoll and his head pizzaiolo, Anthony Strong, as well as a few other food lovers' surprises all found within one block of each other. The first segment in this new webisode series will post on Thursday, March 31st.

This week, however, we want to take a little break from the video webisodes and reflect back on the past two months and give all our new viewers and members a chance to catch up with the journey. So, on Tuesday I'll be posting some reflections on Peter's Blog.

Of course, we'll also post a new recipe on Wednesday, and a new Guest Column from our friend Joseph Pergolizzi, founder of the mobile wood fired oven company, The Fire Within, on Friday.

As always, the journey keeps unfolding....


Special Announcement
Peter Reinhart

Hi Everyone,

My Yahoo e-mail was hacked last night with that scam about being robbed in London and needing cash. I'm using this site now to try to reach as many of you as possible who may have gotten this phony scam with my address. Please DO NOT respond to it--it hijacked my whole e-history and I can't even use my yahoo e-mail to warn folks, so I'm doing it this way and through my other social media. Thanks for your understanding and patience.



Coming Attractions, Week of March 18
Peter Reinhart

Hi Everyone,

Looks like things are heating up as we enter March Madness! Jamie Oliver commented on Tom Carrig's Guest Column and our video webisode archive is growing by leaps and bounds. Here's what's coming this week:

--On Tuesday, I'll be posting on Peter's Blog about some interesting up coming events.

--On Wednesday, we'll post a wonderful new recipe for pickled hot peppers that you can easily make at home. Brad English swears that these peppers have changed his life!

--On Thursday, we complete the Pizzeria Mozza webisode series with a final gathering around a pizza-full table with Nancy Silverton, Russ Parsons, and Kristine Kidd. We've spent the past two months sharing the world of Pizzeria Mozza with you before we move on to visit other great pizzerias, but our Quest began there -- what a great place to start our journey -- so we've devoted a lot of segments to Mozza. You've come with us this far, so don't miss our final installment.

--On Friday we'll feature a report on last week's giant Pizza Expo in Las Vegas from regular contributor, John Arena, along with some photos from this, the largest gathering of pizza freaks in the United States.

As we often say, there's always something new on Pizza Quest -- thanks for coming on the journey with us!




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