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Coming Attractions, Week of April 11th
Peter Reinhart

I'm off on a trip this week to America's heartland, so will continue my Asheville Bread Festival blog report next week when I return. However, we do have some fun features to bring you this week, including an instructional video with Scott Thorson, of Bella Familia Wood-Fired Mobile Oven of Sacramento, California. In the video he's going to demonstrate how to make a delicious, bubbling five-cheese pizza on our own country pizza dough -- we filmed this one at the Fire Within Conference in Boulder back in October. This video will post on Thursday.

Brad English will be posting a terrific pizza recipe and photo spread of his successful attempt to make a lamb fennel-sausage and mushroom pizza created by Jay Buonchristiani of Napa Valley's Buonchristiani Vineyards. It didn't hurt that Brad also had a bottle of Buonchristiani's premium 2006 Syrah to accompany the pizza. You can read all about it -- and see the photos --  on Tuesday.

I will try to send in a blog posting from the road, but no promises--I may be having too much fun to write....


Coming Attractions, Week of April 4th
Peter Reinhart

Hi Everyone,

We have some fun, new and important stuff to share this week.  I'll be posting on Tuesday my first report on the Asheville Bread Festival, which was a blast, including some comments on the most amazing flour I've ever worked with!

On Thursday, we'll post the second in our new webisode series filmed at Pizzeria Defina and the Gastro District in San Francisco. We call this segment, A Cappucino and Pizza Obsession. It features Craig Stoll, Anthony Strong and me carrying on around our cups of espresso about the obsessive passion that defines what this quest is all about. You won't want to miss it.

And on Friday, we welcome back John Arena with another thoughtful Guest Column, this time on the important subject of counterfeit "authentic" Italian products. We look forward to your comments on this one.

As always, lots more still to come!!!


Coming Attractions, Week of March 28th
Peter Reinhart

Hi Everyone,

This week we travel to San Francisco to meet James Beard award winning chef Craig Stoll, owner of Pizzeria Delfina (right next door to his wonderful, award winning osteria, Delfina). We'll also meet Pizzeria Delfina's head pizzaiolo Anthony Strong, as passionate a pizza freak as I've ever met. In this week's webisode segment Anthony will show us how he makes Delfina's distinctive Margherita pizza. Over the next few weeks we'll continue to explore the many aspects of their Mission District neighborhood, known as The Gastro, with Craig, Anthony and a few other residents of the Gastro. You'll love this series, which begins on Thursday!

I'll be posting another Peter's Blog entry on Tuesday and, on Friday,  a short explanation and instructional on the stretch and fold method that has been revolutionizing bread baking these past few years.

We'll be taking a week off from Guest Columns to give you a chance to catch up with the many thoughtful pieces already posted from our contributors. If you have posted comments in the past and did not see them on the site, we think we solved this technical issue and all viewers should now be able to post comments. If you still don't see them, write to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and let us know.

Hope to see some of you at this Saturday's Seventh Annual Asheville Bread Festival.

Have a great week!




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