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Coming Attractions, Week of May 2nd
Peter Reinhart

Welcome back everyone!  This week we'll be posting a terrific new photo essay by Brad English, our "Watch Mr. Wizard" pizza experimenter (and also the director of most of the videos on Pizza Quest). Brad has a number of new pizza experiments to share with you but this week we'll start with something he calls his "Upside Down Margherita Pizza."  You'll find out what he means by that on Wednesday.

On Tuesday I'll be posting my weekly "Peter's Blog," this time featuring a report from the Second Annual Charlotte Gluten-Free Expo. Gluten-free is here to stay and, after some of the sessions I observed, I'm beginning to think there are some big health bombshells on their way that will affect us all. In addition to that, I'll also be sharing some news from Joe Lindley about how to get some of that great sprouted wheat flour I wrote about a few weeks ago.

We'll be back in the Gastro next week, so fear not. In the meantime, feel free to revisit some of the great webisodes and instructional videos already posted -- just click through to the various sections. If you're new to, it's a chance to catch up on all the content from the past four months. Plus, who knows, maybe a few other surprises since, as you know, there's always something new here at Pizza!!



Coming Attractions, Week of April 25th
Peter Reinhart

This week we continue our Gastro adventure with a trip back to the Pizzeria Delfina kitchen, where head pizzaiolo Anthony Strong gives us a lesson in how to pull fresh mozzarella curds into smooth, creamy cheese balls. A definite must-see, which will post on Thursday!

On Tuesday I'll be posting on my Peter's Blog a link to the California Culinary School's top 50 pizza blogs list. It's a great list and you may want to check out some of the lesser known sites, as I did.

We're waiting for the final draft of a new Guest Column to come in and will post it on Friday, or as soon as it comes in.

Who knows what other surprises are coming so keep checking back, as there's always something new on Pizza Quest.


Coming Attractions, Week of April 18th
Peter Reinhart

This is the Paschal season, the perfect time for lamb so in this, the week leading up to Easter and Passover, we feature Part Two of Brad English's Lamb Pizza adventures. This time, Brad takes the wonderful pizza recipe he learned from Jay Buonchristiani that we featured last week, and makes it on a grill. This, in turn, got him thinking about all the ways he could modify a grill to bake like a wood-fired oven (we haven't been able to talk him down--he's already designing his own insulated super grill of the future. I'm telling you, Brad is on fire with his own pizza quest and, fortunately, we get to go along for the ride). We'll post this on Wednesday.

On Thursday, we return to the The Gastro, with our host Anthony Strong, for a trip to the Bi-Rite Creamery for some of the best ice cream I've ever had. In one block: Pizzeria Delfina, Ristorante Delfina (James Beard Award), Tartine Bakery Cafe (James Beard winner--we have some webisodes to share with you from Tartine in a few weeks), Bi Rite Market (a wonderful, old-time gourmet mecca), and, across the street, the Bi Rite Creamery. Did I mention how much we at Pizza Quest love the Gastro!

On Tuesday, on Peter's Blog, I'll continue my report from the Asheville Bread Festival, and on Friday, well, we're working with a few writers on some new Guest Columns, so whoever gets his or hers finished first gets to run it on Friday. We'll keep you posted. As you can see, there's always something new on Pizza Quest!

Joyous Passover, and a deeply mystical Holy Week to all....




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