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Coming Attractions, Week of May 23rd
Peter Reinhart

Hi Everyone,

Another great week coming up on PQOL (Pizza Quest Online) aka On Tuesday I'll be posting my weekly Peter's Blog and fill you on the latest developments with my upcoming book.

On Thursday, we'll be posting the final installment in our Gastro District series from San Francisco, where we ended up upstairs from Tartine Bakery and Eric Wolfinger made us a pizza in his apartment oven on Tartine's fabulous Country French dough.

And on Friday, we welcome back Michael Hanson, our favorite "Sacred Baker," who shares his own pizza quest in search of the perfect pie. A very interesting journey indeed....

And your comments are coming in on the various postings--we love to hear from you so keep them coming!


Coming Attractions, week of May 16th
Peter Reinhart

Welcome back! This week we will be posting Part Two of the journal of Chef Jensen Lorenzen from his trip to Terra Madre in Turin. Look for it in my Peter's Blog section on Tuesday, along with an update on my recent trip to Boulder, where we filmed some new material for our webisode and instructional sections. I'll tell you all about it on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, we'll be posting another in a series of Brad English pictorials (in-house we call these pictorials, "If Brad Can Do It So Can You"). This time, he'll be creating at home an exciting pizza he learned from Kelly Whitaker of Pizzeria Basta--it promises to be a lot of fun, as always.

On Friday we have another controversial Guest Column from our pizzaiolo "iconoclast" John Arena, once again challenging some long held, sacred truisms. This week it's all about whether the good old days of pizza were really as good as we think they were. Would love to get your thoughts on this one in the comments section.

Next week we'll head back to Tartine for Part Two of our visit there, so keep checking back because there's always something new here at Pizza Quest.


Coming Attractions, Week of May 9th
Peter Reinhart

Welcome back to Pizza!  This week we will be posting a new webisode, shot at the world famous Tartine Bakery (right next door to Pizzeria Delfina in San Francisco's "Gastro District"). This is the bakery that I wrote about in Artisan Breads Everyday that makes my current favorote loaf of bread in the world. Join us on Thursday when we post Part One of Tartine.

On Tuesday, I'll be sharing a blog entry from our friend Jensen Lorenzen, chef and co-owner of The Cass House Inn in Cayucos, California. Jensen and his wife Grace attended this year's Terra Madre event in Turin, Italy, and Jensen's blog about it exemplify what we're trying to promote here on the celebration of artisans and artisanship. You'll see what I mean when you log on and read his entry, and then follow the link to see his beautiful photos of artisan foods taken in Italy.

I'm off for parts unknown to film some new Pizza Quest footage with our producers and a few special guest. I'll tell you more when I return, so keep checking back. In the meantime, enjoy Tartine on Thursday, and Italy through the eyes of Chef Jensen on Tuesday. I'll be back soon with news about our "secret" pizza shoot....






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