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Coming Attractions, Week of July 25th
Peter Reinhart

I'm back after some wonderful R&R, and we have lots of new postings for you this week, beginning on Tuesday with the latest Peter's Blog about my recent trip to the Caribbean full of some pretty amazing non-pizza meals. Can't wait to fill you in....

On Wednesday, we'll be posting Brad's latest creation -- a barbecue pizza that meets Tom Carrig's recent BBQ rant (see the Guest Columns archive) -- at least part of the way. Regardless of which side of the BBQ purist debate you are on, Brad's BBQ Spare Rib Pizza is a winner!

On Thursday we return to the Cass House Inn for a new webisode featuring Chef Jensen Lorenzens's beautiful Lamb Sausage Pizza -- yes, we've been doing a lot of lamb sausage pizzas lately here on Pizza Quest, but it's hard not to when they are all sooo good. You'll see what I mean on Thursday.

And on Friday we'll be posting a new Guest Column from one of our wandering fellow pizza freaks.

Like I said, a week full of new, exciting content. As you already know, there's always something new here at Pizza Quest.


Coming Attractions, Week of July 18th
Peter Reinhart

It's mid-summer now, the tomatoes are coming in like crazy, baseball has started its second season, football pre-season practice might actually get the green light this week, and everybody is trying to get some R&R. This week, I'm taking some time off from Pizza Quest and calling in to the bullpen for relief. Brad English will be doing a Brad's Blog this week in place of the Peter's Blog, and we'll post it on Tuesday. It's a terrific retrospective piece that gives a little glimpse of the roots of Pizza Quest, at least Brad's roots as a man on a quest -- kind of a prequel! You'll enjoy reading it.

Brad will also be offering you a treat on Wednesday when he posts his latest kitchen creation-- a pizza he calls T.J.'s Asparagus Pizza, which is based on a recipe one of our members sent in!  Join up and keep the ideas coming.  I know that ever since he caught wind of the notion of shaving fresh asparagus into threads he's been thinking about this one. A great summer pizza!!

And, on Friday we introduce you to our newest guest columnist, Teresa Greenway, who will be serving as our resident sourdough expert. In her first Guest Column, she shares with us her method for making sourdough pizza crust, and you will also find out information for how to get a free download of her sourdough baking book and a link to her excellent website. All that on Friday!!

I'll be back next week and we'll post the newest webisode in our Cass House series as well as all sorts of other cool stuff. As you know, there's always something new here at Pizza Quest!


Coming Attractions, Week of July 11th
Peter Reinhart

Welcome Back Everyone!  We have a full week of wonderful new content for you. In order, here's what's coming your way:

Tuesday: Peter's Blog, with some ruminations on the kid's baking camp I'm teaching all this week at Johnson & Wales (including a big day of pizza baking).

Wed: Fish tacos have been popping up on the site a lot these past few weeks, so Brad English has prepared a great pictorial and recipe that he calls A Fish Tacone Quest. You won't want to miss this one.

Thursday: Our latest webisode segment from The Cass House Inn, in which Chef Jensen and I make a serious smoked fish pizza in his beautiful wood-fired oven using fish we purchased at Ruddell's Smoke House.

Friday: Pizza Quest Co-Founder and Producer Jeffery Michael reports on a farm he discovered in Stockholm, Wisconsin (where?!!) that makes wood-fired pizzas for hundreds of people (pilgrims?), but only on one day each week, using ingredients raised right there on the farm. Jeff took his family on the quest, and he tells us all about it.

Like we say every week: there's always something new on Pizza Quest....


Coming Attractions, Week of July 4th
Peter Reinhart

Happy Independence Day week!!!  I hope some of you are making grilled pizzas this year -- let us know if you do.

This week, on Thursday, we'll be posting the next in our webisode series filmed in Cayucos, California.  Chef Jensen Lorenzen and his wife Grace, owners of the Cass House Inn, took me to the nearby Ruddell's Smokehouse, where we had a great visit with Jim Ruddell and learned some of his secrets for smoking albacore and other fish, some of which will show up on top of a pizza in next week's segment.

On Tuesday, I'll be back with another Peter's Blog, pondering the virtues of the many varieties of flour now available to home and professional pizzaiolo's. It's a golden age for pizza freaks, for sure!

In the coming weeks we'll be exploring sourdough pizza, as well as more on fish tacos and the beer/pizza connection. Keep coming back since there's always something new here at Pizza Quest!

Coming Attractions, Week of June 27th
Peter Reinhart

Welcome back!

This week we're featuring a tasty new photo recipe from Brad English on Quesadillas (the great Tex-Mex "pizza"). We'll post that on Wednesday.  Also, a new instructional video featuring Joe D'Astice on Thursday using mozzarella curd to make a killer pizza. And I'll be back with another Peter's Blog, commenting further on the notion of "liquid bread."  Next week we'll resume our Cass House Inn webisode series.

Still working on getting that new Guest Column up for you. If so, we'll post it on Friday. Lot's happening, as always, since there's always something new here at Pizza Quest....

Coming Attractions, Week of June 20th
Peter Reinhart

Lots of new stuff this week, beginning with a delayed Peter's Blog, direct from our next webisode filming session, taking place in a "secret" location this week. I'll post my report on Thursday, instead of on my usual Tuesday, so that I can bring you an up to the minute report. We're pretty jazzed about it, though.

On Tuesday, instead, we'll post another great home recipe photo spread from Brad, this time documenting his adventures in making a spicy pork sausage pizza following the template of the Buonchristiani Lamb pizza we featured a few months back. It's pretty spectacular and should give you all some ideas for how to use one pizza concept to springboard into another. I hope some of you who are following along are having as much fun with these recipes as Brad is; he's been pretty unstoppable the past few weeks and keeps coming up with more and more great dishes every week.

On Thursday, in addition to my Blog, we'll post the next webisode in the Cass House Inn series; this time Chef Jensen and I do a little jamming and create a mulberry pizza with balsamic glaze as we test-drive his brand new wood-fired oven in Cayucos. It's a sweet pizza and a sweet video, so don't miss it.

On Friday we hope to post a new Guest Column, which is still in editing. Assuming we get all the pieces, we'll post it then, or as soon as it's ready.

Okay, I'm headed out for the next quest; will tell you all about it later this week....




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