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Welcome Everyone,

This is where we will be posting recipes and instructional videos by many of the guests featured on the Pizza Quest webisodes. It is also a place where you can comment and share your own thoughts or questions regarding the featured recipes, as well tips and tricks of your own. Considering the collective knowledge and wisdom possessed by the Pizza Quest community, this should be a very exciting and dynamic section. We'll keep adding new video pieces as we get them edited, so check back from time to time to see the latest. Our hope is to inspire you to create your own amazing pizzas (and not just pizza, as we'll be showing some other great dishes too), and to give you some new tips and tools to add to your culinary tool box. Mangia!!!

Country Pizza Dough
Peter Reinhart

This is one of the doughs we used at The Fire Within Conference in Boulder, in October, 2010, featured in a number of our instructional videos. The conference was attended by owners of the fabulous mobile pizza rigs you will see in the video, created by Joseph Pergolizzi and his team of craftsmen. There are now close to 100 of these rigs in operation throughout the USA and Canada, and we had 20 of the owners at the conference, where I got to offer a few classes on dough options, and where we also put on a big pizza party for about 200 Boulderites, right on the farm where we held the conference. We made 175 pizzas in an hour an half, in four of the rigs, each manned by a team of oven owners who do this kind of thing for a living in one of the most exciting trends in the world of artisan foods (look for one of these rigs at a farmers market near you, or contact Joseph if you want to get into the game).




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