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Joseph's Provolone Pizza
Peter Reinhart

As a special welcome to The Fire Within, our newest sponsor, here is a video we shot last October at an oven owners conference hosted by Joseph Pergolizzi, the owner and founder of The Fire Within.  We shot a number of these instructional videos at the end of the conference with various attendees, asking each of the oven owners what kind of pizza they wanted to make, and Joseph chose this one and a couple of others, including a killer clam pizza. In this video, though, we not only get to make a simple yet beautiful pizza with pesto, two kinds of cheese (with a special tribute to Provolone, which both of us love), and local cherry tomatoes, but also talk about the oven rigs themselves.

Note that the crust is a little puffy in this version, almost like a round Sicilian or focaccia style dough, but you can always make the crust as thin or thick as you like when you do it. The dough was so delicious (recipe in the PQ Instructional archives), and the combo of fresh tomatoes, pesto, and cheeses are so perfect that, when the cameras stopped running, we devoured this little pie in about 30 seconds.

For more details on these oven rigs, click through to The Fire Within website on our home page. Joseph and I are already talking about doing another conference in Boulder next autumn and would love to have you there.

Five Cheese Pizza
Peter Reinhart

Scott Thorsen was my wing man at the Fire Within Conference in Boulder last October. Together, we mixed and shaped enough dough to crank out over 200 pizzas during the weekend, and we managed to save a few Country Doughs for this video demo. Scott, who has his own wood-fired rig in Sacramento, California, and a pizza and catering business that he runs out of the rig called Bella Familia, ably backed up all the presenters at the conference by doing much of the prep work and a lot of the heavy lifting. So, I wanted to give him a chance to get in front of the camera before he headed home and show us his pizzaiolo prowess. In this video

S'Mores Pizza
Peter Reinhart

We've been wanting to show you this video for quite a while. It was filmed in Boulder at the end of The Fire Within Conference, with mobile oven owner Joe D'Astice. Joe is the founder of Wood Fire Brick Oven Pizza, in Rockford, Illinois, where he makes seriously great pizza in his mobile oven. 

At his catering events, one of the most popular items is this S'Mores Pizza, replete with melted chocolate, marshmallows, and graham cracker crumbs. Yes, it's a total sensual indulgence, tasty to the max, but more importantly, it expands our thinking about what a pizza can be--limited only by our imagination. You don't need a wood-fired oven to make these--they'd be great for dessert any night, straight out of your home oven, and especially fun to make with your whole family.

For those of you in the Rockford area, check out Joe at the local farmers market and also at his website:

Pizzeria Basta - Burrata Appetizer!
Peter Reinhart

Hi Everyone,

When we were in Boulder, in October, to attend the Fire Within Conference we met a local chef with a big vision. Kelly Whitaker wowed us, not only with his pizzas, but with everything we tasted--and everything he serves at his popular Pizzeria Basta comes from of his wood-fired oven. In this video--and we have more of Kelly in future Instructionals and Webisodes-- you will see how he creates a fabulous appetizer using burrata cheese--which has become, perhaps, the hottest ingredient in restaurants across America (and now, it is finally available to home cooks thanks to our friends at Bel Gioioso Cheese).

For those who don't have an 800 degree wood fired oven (yet!) you can still make this in your home oven by cranking it up as hot it will go--just like you do for pizzas. I'm not providing a recipe because, as you can see from the video, it's really all about using the best ingredients available and just, well, cooking. Chefs like Kelly, and really most of the great Italian cooks who are teaching us this on a daily basis, don't use recipes--they just get their hands on great ingredients and cook. After you watch this video you'll see what I mean. I hope it inspires you as it has us (see Brad English's comments in the Gallery section--his family has already enjoyed this dish a number of times because, when we all returned home after our Boulder quest, we were fired up!). Enjoy!

Ricotta-Parmesan Pizza
Brad English

In this video you will see Joseph Pergolizzi making a wonderful, "white" pizza in one of own wood-fired oven rigs, using creamy ricotta cheese (reegoata, as he calls it) and fresh heirloom tomatoes, harvested that very day, as well as locally grown mushrooms. We loved it (it would be hard not to)!!!  We filmed this at the end of a three day "Fire Within Owners Conference," for people who own and operate one of Joseph's ovens. For more on this, see the recipe for Country Pizza Dough.

--To make the pizza shown in the video, you will need for each pizza: I dough ball, 1/2 cup of creamy ricotta, such as the BelGioioso cheese we used, 1/2 cup coarsely chopped fresh tomatoes (heirloom if you can find them), 1/2 cups mushrooms, any kind, lightly sauteed in oil and fresh garlic, 1/4 cup of freshly grated parmesan or other aged, dry cheese, 1 teaspoon fresh rosemary, and a sprinkle of salt and pepper, to taste. In a home oven the typical baking time is 5 to 7 minutes, depending on the oven; in a wood-fire oven, about 3 minutes. Enjoy!!!



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