Coming Attractions, Week of June 6th

Hi Again,

It's feeling like summer, so this week we'll be taking you with us, as we resume our webisodes series, to the breezy coastal town of Cayucos, on the Central Coast of California, for a visit to the Cass House Inn, with Chef Jensen Lorenzen and his wife Grace.  Aside from their commitment to sustainable farm to table practices, they have a beautiful wood-fired oven and we decided to collaborate with him to create some impromptu pizzas, as you will see during the full run of the series, which kicks off on Thursday.

I'll back on Tuesday with a new Peter's Blog with some news about how to get your hands on some of that great sprouted wheat flour as well as some of that central Milling --00-- (Double Zero) Flour.

We'll also be posting another round of Brad's never-ending experiments in search of the perfect home baked pizza. This time, as a sneak preview of the Cass House webisode pizzas, he'll share his home made version based on Jensen's inventive Mulberry pizza. More on this on Wednesday, when it posts.

So keep checking in -- there's always something new on Pizza Quest!




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