Coming Attractions

Week Four is now in session, so here's a preview of what's coming during Week Five, beginning January 17th:

--More from Pizzeria Mozza--this time a trip to LaBrea Bakery to see where and how the Mozza dough is made. You'll love the big mixers and how this unique dough comes together. This is the third in our seven-part Pizzeria Mozza series.

--Part Two of John Arena's Guest Column on Pizza as Artistic Self Expression. He focuses on three of his favorite pizzaiolos, Chris Bianco (Phoenix), Jonathan Goldsmith (Spacca Napoli, Chicago), and Anthony Mangieri (Una Pizza Napooletana, now in SF, formerly in Greenwich Village).

--Another recipe to add add to your "fundamentals" collection.

--More from me in Peter's Blog.

--And, as always, a stream of pizza news in the News section.

Keep coming back back--there's always something new and exciting on


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