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Welcome to Pizza Quest!
Peter Reinhart

I want to welcome you to the launch of our new site, Pizza Quest. You'll see that at the top of the page it says Pizza Quest with Peter Reinhart and, yes, while I will serve as narrator and primary host, there is a whole team of serious pizza freaks involved in this site. We have been avidly shooting video footage of some our favorite pizzerias -- seems like new ones are opening on a regular basis, so this promises to be a long quest --  and have been editing it for a television series that will be on the air one of these days (we'll be giving you updates on that as they develop).

Until then, every week we'll be posting a short extract from the series, we call them webisode segments, to give you a taste of our search for the perfect pizza and to introduce you to some of the interesting people we've met along the way. You'll notice that not all of the webisodes will be about pizza, as we met many artisans who are only indirectly related to pizza, and some who have nothing at all to do with pizza but who share that same obsessive




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