Pizzeria Mozza, Los Angeles, Ca

Pizzeria Mozza!

How lucky am I to live and work near Pizzeria Mozza?

Look at these pizzas!  And, let me tell you, they taste even better than they look!

I have always been a fan of Mario Batali, one of the owners of Pizzeria Mozza.  I have watched Molto Mario with my son Owen (12) for years. In fact, Owen has a plan to try to get on the show.  He wants us both to sign up separately so we can get on two different episodes together--I didn't have the heart to tell him that Mario isn't shooting those shows anymore, that they were taped a few years ago and Mario has moved on to other projects.

So now I'm a huge fan of Nancy Silverton!  If you are ever in Los Angeles, you have to make a point of going to Pizzeria Mozza, or, to see Nancy in action at the restaurant's famous Cheese Bar, go to Osteria Mozza right next door to the pizzeria.

For the next few weeks, as Peter is introducing you, through the webisodes we shot last year, to all the friends we made at Pizzeria Mozza, (Executive Chef Matt Molina, food writers Russ Parsons and Kristine Kidd, and, of course, Nancy Silverton) you will just have to imagine how many times I've returned for another Mozza pizza fix. Not even Owen will tell....

Enjoy the Gallery!


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