Pizzeria Delfina Gallery - "The Gastro"

We are beginning our tour of a little neighborhood, actually a little block in the Castro District of San Francisco that has become known to locals as "The Gastro" because of the great food options there.  The reason for our visit was to visit with Craig Stoll and his Pizzaiolo Anthony Strong of Pizzeria Delfina.  On our way, actually the day before we were to meet with them at Delfina - we were arriving from our trip up the California Coast.  We came into town and decided to take a swing by and look at things before coming back the next day to film.  Peter went over to visit with baker Eric Wolfinger and owner Chad Robertson at Tartine, where he had just written, in his book Artisan Breads Everyday, about their French Country Loaf as one of the best loaves of bread he'd ever had. 

After a while, we wandered over and realized quickly that the "quest" was already happening and we weren't rolling our cameras.  Peter asked Chad if Eric could show us around and if he minded if we filmed.  Another great couple of Webisode segments were about to happen.  Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures here so, let me just say that if you are in the area look up Tartine and go.  It's an amazingly warm and welcoming bakery cafe with all sorts of treats to keep you coming back and make it worth the trip.  The loaf of Tartine bread that Peter wrote about is truly memorable.  They take orders and sell out within minutes of it leaving the oven.  I am literally craving it now as I write about it -- it is that memorable.

The next day we filmed over at Delfina Pizzeria and were treated to a walk around the neighborhood where we ended up stopping at Bi-Rite Grocery and Bi-Rite Creamery for some chicharones and amazing gourmet ice creams (yes bacon and ice cream!).

Here are some photos of our adventure. Enjoy the Gallery and the coming weeks of webisode segments that we filmed while we ventured into the delicacies of Pizzeria Delfina, Tartine, and Bi-Rite in "The Gastro"!


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