Coming Attractions, Week of June 13

Lots of new things coming your way this week, including the launch of our new Cass House Inn webisode series, filmed in Cayucos, California, posting on Thursday. Prior to that we'll have a Cayucos intro and photo gallery from Brad on Wednesday, and a recipe from me on Friday for how to make pizza dough from that amazing sprouted wheat flour I've been writing about the last few weeks (info on how to order some for yourself was posted last week). And, of course, another Peter's Blog on Tuesday -- I'm still ruminating on the topic but have been thinking a lot about that hilarious John Stewart video on YouTube about the recent weird pizza quest of Donald Trump and Sarah Palin. If you haven't seen it, go to YouTube and look it up ASAP -- it's gotten a lot of hits and is a riot!

Also, for those who don't know, we have our own PizzaQuest YouTube channel where all our posted videos live beside here on our site. In fact, we'd love for you to forward them to anyone who you think might be interested. Our viewership numbers keep growing, thanks to all of your word of mouth sharing. Thanks so much!

Back on Tuesday with a new Peter's Blog. Till then, may your pizzas all be perfect.....



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