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This week we offer you the second in a weekly series of essays by the Pizza Quest Contributors (last week I got the ball rolling with an essay on food carts, but now I'm passing the baton to our esteemed group of contributors). This week, we'll be hearing from world champion pizzaiolo, Tony Gemignani, of Tony's Pizza Napoletana in San Francisco. We have some great footage of Tony (and a few snippets of him on our Pizza and Obsession webisode), so you will get to know him in more depth as the weeks go by. But this is a rare opportunity to see his thoughts in writing, even though I know he prefers to express himself though his pizzas. Just click on the Guest Columns button. For more on Tony, and a link to his website, visit our Contributors section.  I hope this will stimulate some serious discussion, so feel free to hit the Comments button and keep the conversation going.




#1 jaffa 2012-06-21 21:32
Another universal phenomenon regarding food is the appeal of contrast in taste and presentation. Opposite flavors, such as sweet and saltiness, tend to go well together, such as in kettle corn and with nuts. Thanks a lot.

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