Coming Attractions, Week of May 9th

Welcome back to Pizza!  This week we will be posting a new webisode, shot at the world famous Tartine Bakery (right next door to Pizzeria Delfina in San Francisco's "Gastro District"). This is the bakery that I wrote about in Artisan Breads Everyday that makes my current favorote loaf of bread in the world. Join us on Thursday when we post Part One of Tartine.

On Tuesday, I'll be sharing a blog entry from our friend Jensen Lorenzen, chef and co-owner of The Cass House Inn in Cayucos, California. Jensen and his wife Grace attended this year's Terra Madre event in Turin, Italy, and Jensen's blog about it exemplify what we're trying to promote here on the celebration of artisans and artisanship. You'll see what I mean when you log on and read his entry, and then follow the link to see his beautiful photos of artisan foods taken in Italy.

I'm off for parts unknown to film some new Pizza Quest footage with our producers and a few special guest. I'll tell you more when I return, so keep checking back. In the meantime, enjoy Tartine on Thursday, and Italy through the eyes of Chef Jensen on Tuesday. I'll be back soon with news about our "secret" pizza shoot....




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