Coming Attractions, Week of April 25th

This week we continue our Gastro adventure with a trip back to the Pizzeria Delfina kitchen, where head pizzaiolo Anthony Strong gives us a lesson in how to pull fresh mozzarella curds into smooth, creamy cheese balls. A definite must-see, which will post on Thursday!

On Tuesday I'll be posting on my Peter's Blog a link to the California Culinary School's top 50 pizza blogs list. It's a great list and you may want to check out some of the lesser known sites, as I did.

We're waiting for the final draft of a new Guest Column to come in and will post it on Friday, or as soon as it comes in.

Who knows what other surprises are coming so keep checking back, as there's always something new on Pizza Quest.




#1 Darren 2011-04-30 17:09
Congratulations Peter on your PIzza Quest website, and especially your webisodes. I am visiting San Fran with my family, who also love searching for a good pizza.
Your website helped us, So off we are going to Delfina Pizza tonight on 18th Street.


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