Coming Attractions, week of February 14th

This week we return to Pizzeria Mozza, where we spend some time with founding visionary, Nancy Silverton. After all the videos we've already shown, from the LaBrea Bakery where the dough is made, to Executive Pizzaiolo Matt Molina, who oversees daily production, it's time to hear from Nancy herself, about how she conceived of her unique dough, her topping ideas, and the inspiration that drives her creative process. This webisode will post on Thursday.

On Wednesday, we'll post a pictorial instructional of Brad English's adventure making an herb oil pizza with variations. The recipe for the herb oil is already posted, so here's a chance to see it applied to wonderfully easy to make pizza.

On Friday, Davidson College student Jenn Burns shares her adventures and life lessons learned in coffee land, picking organic beans in treacherous conditions. If you haven't yet read Part One of her guest column, it's already posted, so be sure to read it before you read Part Two.

And, of course, I'll be blogging again on Tuesday, as always, with whatever is burning in my belly this week. All this, plus your own comments, as we continue together on our "journey of self-discovery though pizza."




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