Coming Attractions, Week of February 7th

During the week of February 7th, look for the following new posts:
--A new Instructional Video, filmed at The Fire Within Conference in Boulder. This one features a change of pace: a S'mores Pizza (yes, you read that correctly); a whimsical take on everyone's favorite camp fire treat. You'll love this one, which will post on Thursday!

--A new Peter's Blog, as always, posting on Tuesday.

--An herb oil recipe from Peter to use for focaccia or for marinating topping ingredients or even for just as a bread dip, posting Wednesday.

--The first of a two part Guest Column from Jenn Burns, who recently returned from Costa Rico where she worked on an organic coffee farm, picking beans (actually called coffee cherries) on dangerously steep vertical inclines, and learning some important life lessons. This will post on Friday.

Keep coming back and posting your own comments--there's always something new on Pizza Quest!


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