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Materials and Tools List


  • A circular saw with three blades: general purpose wood, metal ($5) and diamond masonry ($20). The diamond masonry blade costs more, but last longer and cuts quickly.
  • A hammer
  • 2'-3' level. A long level is worth is it. You can find a long, inexpensive aluminum level at Home Depot if you do not already have one.
  • Grinder (optional). You can use the grinder to cut rebar, wire, and concrete block. You can buy an inexpensive grinder for about $25, which will save you time from not having to change blades on your circular saw.
  • A chalk line ( <$10).
  • A 1/4" x 1/4" notched tile trowel for the
    mortar base.
  • Goggles and a dust mask
  • A mixing tub (<$15)
  • A hoe for mixing ($10 for a cheap one, $20 for a good one)
  • A square edged transfer shovel ($20).
  • A Tamper ($20 or build one from a square of plywood and a 2x4).
  • Concrete mixer (optional). Rent one from Home Depot.
  • Tile saw (optional). You can get by with a diamond blade and a circular saw. If you have complicated tile, brick or stone trim or finish, you can either rent a tile saw, or purchase a small, but functional tile saw from Home Depot for less than $100.
  • Ratchetting cargo straps (optional). About $10 at WalMart. Used to hold the hearth form in place while it is curing.

Material List

42" Oven

80" x 94" Foundation

  • (46) 80lb bags of Quickcrete Crack Resistant concrete
  • (8) 10' lengths of 1/2" rebar, (4) cut to 80" and (4) cut to 94"
  • (4) 2"x6"x8' studs for framing, (2) cut to 83" and (2) cut to 94"
  • (48) sq ft of wire mesh
  • (12) rebar stand-offs
  • (104) sq ft of 6 mil plastic sheeting
  • handful of plastic zip-ties, or ball of tie wire
  • 1/2 cu yd of gravel
  • (1) box 2 1/2" framing nails

72" x 84 " Block Stand

  • (63) 8x8x16 blocks, (12) of which are cut to 8x8x12
  • (5) 8x8x8 blocks
  • (3) 10' pieces of 1/2" rebar, each cut into (3) 40" sections to fill nine block cores
  • (14) 80lb bags concrete for filling every other core
  • (2) 1.5"x1.5"x56" angle iron (for front span)
  • (3) 60lb bag mortar (for bottom layer of blocks to level slab if needed)

Insulating Hearth

  • (2) 4'x'8x3/4" 'sheets of plywood or particle board
  • (4) 2"x4"x8' wood studs
  • (4) 2"x6"x8' wood studs
  • (1) shims (or make your own from scrape wood)
  • The rest of the 2 1/2" framing nails
  • 50' roll o f8" aluminum flashing
  • (12) 10' pieces of 1/2" rebar, (6) cut to 72" and (6) cut to 84"
  • (10) cu ft of Vermiculite or Perlite
  • (1) ?lb bag of Portland Cement
  • (?) 80lb bags of Quickcrete Crack Resistant concrete


Hints and Tips

Check Home Depot for Vermiculite. You might find it in their garden center. If not, try pool supply (chemicals, etc.) and agriculture supply (fertilizer, etc.) stores. The 8 cu ft bag costs less than buying lots of small bags from a nursery.

Grinder, blades, goggles and dust mask.