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Insulating the Pizza Oven Dome

Your Casa oven comes with a highly efficient woven ceramic insulating blanket. The insulating blanket is rated at more than 1700F, and will effectively block the heat retained in the oven dome from leaking out the top of the oven.

Depending on the type of enclosure you have chosen you will add either insulating concrete or loose vermiculite to fully insulate your oven -- depending on your oven finish design.

An Igloo design oven will incorporate insulating vermiculite concrete as part of the Igloo shape, while the Gabled House and Indoor partition wall installations will use loose vermiculite insulation.

To install your insulating blanket, simply wrap the blanket around the oven dome. Take care to overlap any joints in the blanket by roughly 2". It will hold in place as your proceed to your next step. Don't be afraid to use all of the ceramic insulation the comes with your oven.

You are now ready to move on to your oven finish. Proceed to either the Igloo, Gabled House or Indoor Pages.

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