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Assembling the Pizza Oven Dome

Assemble your pizza oven dome components around the cooking surface.

If you are installing a Premio oven, assemble the oven landing, arch and vent manifold, then progress to Installing Your Chimney.

If you are installing a Casa oven, your should set your custom oven landing material in place using the appropriate setting compound (thinset, mortar, etc.). You landing can be made from brick, marble, stone, granite or poured concrete.

If your landing material is thinner than the 2" cooking floor, you can build up your hearth with brick splits (half bricks), or concrete board and mortar to make your oven landing flush with the oven floor. Or, you can simply set your oven landing lower than the cooking surface and vent floor.

You are now ready to assemble your vent, arch and chimney, before sealing your oven.

Click here to set your Vent.

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pizza oven dome assemblyGraphic 1: Assemble your oven dome, vent and arch.