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The Decorative Arch

The Casa ovens have the option of a decorative brick vent arch. The Arch rests on top of your vent landing, and attaches to the front of the oven dome body. It provides a traditional and attractive outline for the entry into your oven. The arch comes in three pieces, and is assembled and attached to your oven at the building site. A custom, site-built arch can also be used, and can be constructed from virtually any non-combustible material.

The Premio and Ristorante ovens are provided with a prefabricated decorative terra cotta arch, landing vent and chimney manifold, that attach to the front of the oven dome body.

Attach the vent arch to the front of the oven dome and vent using refractory mortar. Check that both vertical vent arch sides are level, both left/right and front/back, and that the horizontal support of level. The refractory concrete will dry to match the color of the mortar that comes with the arch.

You are now ready to Assemble the Chimney.

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